Augmented reality, there are 2.5 million Snapchat filters

Snap, the company that develops Snapchat, is focusing even more on augmented reality. The company has made itself famous for its “lenses”, graphic filters that overlap the surrounding environment, to be posted on the platform as photos or videos. Over time, Snap has improved the technology, creating a truly cost-effective ecosystem for developers and partners. The group presented the AR-themed updates during the Lens Fest, an event in virtual mode also useful for announcing some news. To date, there are 306 million daily Snapchat app users interacting with augmented reality, on average, more than 6 billion times a day. Snap can count on 250,000 lens makers from more than 200 countries who have made over 2.5 million lenses in augmented reality. More than 80% of creators are located outside the United States.

In the last year, Snap has introduced lenses that are very popular with subscribers, such as those for superimposing clothing on your image or for reproducing, via VoiceML, the voices of famous people and cartoons. Among the novelties announced, a new library for sounds and songs, to choose from among millions of songs already licensed. Then “real-world physics”, with which the AR elements appear and react more realistically to the forces of physics such as gravity and collision. But also information that changes in real time, from the stock exchange to the weather.

In the field of monetization for creators, Snap introduces the possibility of inserting a link to its online stores in the lenses and “gifting”, ie the opportunity to financially support developers by sending their gifts directly from buttons in the lenses. In Snap’s portfolio there are also augmented reality glasses, Spectacles AR, still in test version and not ready for sale to the public.


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