Attention to privacy in the car: if you commit this offense, the sanction is guaranteed

In action films, CIA agents, big movie stars and James Bond use it extensively, but are they legal in Italy? Here are the precautions you need to keep in mind if you decide to “hide” in your new car.

Dark as the dark (Newsmondo)

They are a must for Hollywood VIPs like Britney Spears who for years has been surrounded by paparazzi to the point of being chased even when she took her Mercedes convertible! Tinted windows are the accessory that cannot be missing on the car of a big shot, whether you mount them on the new black Mercedes-Benz you use to make Uber drivers or that they are applied on your new Rolls Royce to not attract attention while marrying millions of Euros abroad at the phone.

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The practice of fitting dark windows that make the occupant – and passengers – of a car practically invisible is very popular abroad: after all, one will also have the right to stay in peace inside your car right? With tinted windows, privacy is guaranteed because no one, no matter how close they get to the car, can know what you are doing inside.

Unfortunately, in Italy the laws are quite strict and too mount glasses like these it can become a problem if you don’t do it with a couple of precautions in mind. Here’s what the “sunglasses” law says for your car!

I have to see your face

Until 2002, motorists and traffic police had their work cut out in arguing when a car with tinted windows was stopped. A subsequent circular from the Minister of Transport, however – precisely the number 1680 / M360 – put some orderstipulating that if a product has been approved and certified for sale in European Union member countries, then it can be fitted to your car.

In short, when you install the tinted windows, make sure that the product complies with European standards, approved for the type of windows or rear windows of your car and that all this is verifiable during a police stop. But that’s not enough: unfortunately at least in our country, you can only mount tinted windows on the windows and the rear window. In short, no privacy for the driver.

RCM Auto Mercedes 29_07_2022 Quattromania
Some types of tinted glass (RCM)

Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to a fine of 80 euros. And speaking of costs, do you know how much it takes to complete the strictly rear coating of your car’s windows? Depending on the size of the crystals and the model, on average you need between 150 and 500 euros e for a similar expenseat least they must be perfectly fitted!

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