Atlus Releases New Commercial Starring Persona 5 Royal Stars to Celebrate 10 Million Sales

To commemorate the “Persona 5” series, which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, Atlus has released a new TV commercial for “Persona 5 The Royal” starring popular actors “Haruna Kawaguchi” and “Jun Shison”, “ANOTHER ME.” It has been announced that “To You, Who You Haven’t Seen Yet Starring Haruna Kawaguchi and Jun Shison” will be released on December 15th. At the same time, the new brand commercial “PERSONA IS -Winter 2023-” will be released on the web.

①CM main part
Game characters and Mr. Kawaguchi are in sync! ?

Pay attention to the last cut where he takes off his mask and strikes a pose!

The powerful artwork of “Persona 5 The Royal” expresses the game’s theme of “the feeling of resistance,” and the powerful and beautiful acting of Mr. Kawaguchi and Mr. Shison, who deliver lines with a strong message that represent the face of the world. The result is a video that draws you in with its cool expression. Also, pay attention to the final cut of Kawaguchi, who takes off her mask and strikes a pose in sync with Kasumi Yoshizawa, the main character of Persona 5 The Royal!


Shison’s “crazy face” made everyone laugh on set!

Also pay attention to the cool expressions of Mr. Kawaguchi and Mr. Shison, who look like they are in a fashion magazine!

Mr. Kawaguchi and Mr. Shison begin filming at separate locations. Kawaguchi-san in a luxury hotel, Shison-san in an empty train, etc., and you can’t take your eyes off the two of them as they show off their cool acting that expresses the worldview of the game. For the graphic shoot, Shison was asked to look surprised. Shison did his best to express surprise as the cameraman yelled, “Oh no!”, causing laughter on the set.
*The making video also includes the new brand CM “PERSONA IS –Winter 2023-” and the filming scenes of the graphics.

Shison “flinched” from Haruna Kawaguchi!
When asked about his impressions of co-starring, Mr. Kawaguchi’s first comment was, “Jun Shison, you look as good as ever!”

Haruna Kawaguchi and Jun Shison, who are actually the same age, called each other by their last names, “Kawaguchi” and “Shison,” and the interview began in a relaxed atmosphere similar to that of classmates at school. When asked about his impressions of co-starring with him, Mr. Kawaguchi teased him, saying, “Jun Shison, you look as good as ever!” There was also a scene in which Atsushi Shison blushed. Also, when asked, “What if we were in the same class in high school?” Shison said, “I think we could eat the thing I was looking forward to the most in my lunch box (lol)” and “I think that’s the kind of relationship we would have.” Mr. Kawaguchi made a sharp comment, “What kind of relationship do you have? (lol)” The film crew couldn’t help but burst into laughter as the two talked in a light rhythm, just like during school recess.

Interview summary

In the official interview, we spoke to both of them about Persona’s theme of “awakening” and the setting of “student life.” Pay attention to the hilarious dialogue that can only be seen because Mr. Kawaguchi and Mr. Shison are the same age.


①Please tell us the highlights of this commercial. (01:00-02:02)
Mr. Kawaguchi: I think one of the highlights is the very symbolic scene where he holds a mask and says Persona.
Shison: It’s not just about having people enjoy the game, it’s about the underlying story themes, and it’s also a message that I can relate to myself, like I’m okay because I have friends. It’s incorporated into the CM. I was also able to shoot with Kawaguchi-san for the first time in a while, so I’m really looking forward to it.

②Please tell us your impressions of each other and your impressions of co-starring (02:02-02:59)
Mr. Kawaguchi: It’s been a while, but I think it’s as organized as ever.
Mr. Shison: What is that? (lol)
Mr. Kawaguchi: Atsushi Shison, you’re as ready as ever! (laughs)
Also, we’re the same age, so it’s nice to meet you, and I’m really looking forward to working with you again.
Mr. Shison: We’re actually the same age.
Mr. Kawaguchi: As I just said.
Shison: Sorry (lol)
There are a lot of actors around the same age, but I’m the only one who calls him Kawaguchi, and Kawaguchi calls him Shison. We don’t really have that kind of relationship, and even actors who are the same age as me, I call them by their first names, and I call them “kun” and “chan.” It really felt like I was working with classmates from school, so I had a lot of fun filming.

③This time, the copy is “Awaken. To you who have not yet seen it.” Have you started anything new recently? (04:59-06:02)
Mr. Kawaguchi: I’ve been kickboxing since I was around 20 years old, but after a break of about 7 years, I’m working hard again. After all, if you have that much space, you’ll have to start from scratch again. But little by little, I’m able to do more and more, my motivation has increased, and I’m having a lot of fun.
Mr. Shison: I used to do martial arts for a while, and now that I’ve heard your story, I’ve decided that I want to start martial arts again.
Mr. Kawaguchi: Let’s do it.

④Please give a message of support to people who want to “awaken” or change. (06:02-07:24)
Mr. Shison: Have you ever woken up? (lol)
Mr. Kawaguchi: No (lol) I would like to too. I wonder what I should do.
Mr. Shison: I guess it’s about taking a step forward.
Mr. Kawaguchi: That’s right. Don’t be afraid, be courageous. When we start something new, we tend to hesitate or be afraid, and I think that’s probably the case for us too. But I think it’s better to hit it and break it than not to do it at all.
Mr. Shison: I’m only 28 years old, but I have a lot of regrets like, “I should have done this,” or “I should have done this at that time.” I wonder why I couldn’t do that, but I couldn’t take a step forward. I often wonder if I would be different if I had done that, so if I can take action when I feel like trying something, even if I fail, it will be a good life experience. I think it will happen.

⑤You two are the same age, but if you two had been in the same class in high school, what kind of students do you think each other would have been? (07:24-08:38)
Shison-san: Looks like I’ll be able to eat the ingredient I was most looking forward to in my lunch box (lol)
Mr. Kawaguchi: Hey (lol) I’ll eat it though. I was eating it.
Mr. Shison: I think that’s the kind of relationship.
Mr. Kawaguchi: What is the relationship? (lol)
In real life, when I was a student, I had a lot of male friends, so we talked about really silly things. He loves sports, so we talk about things like that. The group will probably be the same.
Mr. Shison: That’s right.
Mr. Kawaguchi: It might be similar. There doesn’t seem to be anyone on the other end of the spectrum, so I guess they’re talking some weird nonsense.
Shison: He’s so bright, I feel like he’ll be drawn to that power and do something fun.

⑥The commercial airing date is December 15th and Christmas is coming soon.Are there any presents you would like for Christmas? (08:38-09:42)
Shison: I definitely want to make the most of my vacations by traveling overseas. I’ll get there.
Mr. Kawaguchi: Do you think you can do it this year?
Mr. Shison: What do you think? I might be pushing it to the limit (lol)
Kawaguchi-san: I want to go on a trip. I would like to go to a hot spring, even just for one night. I’m also addicted to camping, so I feel like I want to go out with my family and friends.
Mr. Shison: It’s not cold, is it camping at this time of year?
Mr. Kawaguchi: It’s cold, it’s cold.
Mr. Shison: Is that okay?
Mr. Kawaguchi: I don’t like it, but I want to go.
Mr. Shison: What is that? (lol)

New TV commercial overview

Title: ANOTHER ME. – To you who haven’t seen it yet Cast: Haruna Kawaguchi, Jun Shison
TV commercial starts airing: December 15, 2023 (Friday) *Sequentially aired nationwide.
Broadcast area: Nationwide (excluding some areas)
Cast: Haruna Kawaguchi, Jun Shison

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