Asobism to Hold First Collaboration Between “Dragon Poker” and “Made in Abyss” on December 4th

Asobism has announced that a collaboration event with the anime “Made in Abyss” will be held at “Dragon Poker” from December 4th.

Many popular characters such as “Rico”, “Reg”, “Nanachi & Mitty” appear, and newly recorded voices for collaboration limited roles are also added! In addition to special dungeons and challenge dungeons that will be held for a limited time, a luxurious campaign will also be held to commemorate the collaboration.


■Event period
After maintenance on December 4th until 11:59 on December 18th

Get a newly drawn collaboration limited card!
“Riko”, “Reg”, “Nanachi & Mitty”, “Maruluk”, “Raiser”, and “Haborg” familiar from the anime appear in Dorapo! In addition, in card packs sold for a limited time, you will always be able to get “Ozen” with an item. Furthermore, when “Nanachi & Mitty” evolves to GOD Rare, it is possible to branch out into “Nanachi” and “Meity”.

“Bondrud” is now available in GODV MAX gacha!
In this collaboration, “Bondrud” will appear in the GODV MAX gacha for a limited time. “Bondrud”, which can be obtained from GODV MAX Gacha, is a powerful card with an initial rarity of GOD, level 120, and skill Lv5. Also, if you obtain the second one or later, it will automatically evolve and the skill level will increase.
*You can only have one “Bondold”.
*If you obtain the same card after the 6th one, it will be converted to an SS rare gacha ticket.


Collaboration special dungeon held!
A collaboration special dungeon will be held for a limited time! In the special dungeon, protozoans that live in the Abyss will appear. In addition, with the “Made in Abyss P” obtained when clearing the dungeon, it is possible to exchange for collaboration limited cards such as “Naki Kabane”, “Madokajaku”, “Tamaugachi”, etc.
*The exchange period for “Made in Abyss P” is from after maintenance on December 4th to 23:59 on December 24th.

Collaboration challenge dungeon held!
A collaboration challenge dungeon will be held for a limited time! “Ozen” stands in front of the player as a boss. When you defeat a boss, collab-only orbs such as “Nanachi Orb” and “Meaty Orb” will drop on rare occasions. Also, if you clear the collaboration challenge dungeon a specified number of times, you can obtain the collaboration limited title “It’s hard to do…”.

■Event period
After maintenance on December 8th until 11:59 on December 18th

Collaboration limited system “Cooperation Mission”
During the period, numerical values ​​related to “cooperation missions” will be displayed on a special page in the game, and depending on the number of times all users who participate in the collaboration dungeon clear it, limited henchmen cards “Star Compass” and limited orbs “Nut Orb” and ” You can obtain items such as “Siggy Orb”, “Jill Orb”, and the limited title “Nnaa~”. Clear many dungeons and get luxurious rewards!

Get a collaboration limited henchman card!
When you defeat the boss of a special dungeon, you can rarely obtain limited henchmen cards “Black Whistle” and “White Whistle.” If you collect multiple pieces, you can evolve them and the effects of your henchman skills will become stronger.

Get collaboration-only strengthening materials!
If you use “Made in Abyss P” and exchange points or spin the material gacha, you can obtain the limited strengthening material “Nanachi’s Cooking”. “Nanachi’s Cooking” not only increases experience points, but also increases the level increase rate of all skills.

“Commemorating the collaboration! Luxurious prize giveaway campaign that is difficult to repeat!” held

During the period, people who quote and repost the campaign target post posted by the official Dragon Poker Receive 1 card of your choice from 6 cards! In addition, those who repost will be randomly selected to win a luxurious Blu-ray set that includes the movie compilation version of Made in Abyss, “[Part 1]Dawn of Departure” and[Part 2]Wandering Twilight.

■Event period
From December 4th to December 8th 11:59

【way to participate】
(1) Follow “Dragon Poker” official X (formerly Twitter) account “@DragonPoker_aso”
(2) Quote-repost or repost the campaign target post posted by the official Dragon Poker
*For quotation reposts and reposts, please use the official functions of X (formerly Twitter).

[Campaign prize]
〇Quote Repost Award: 1 favorite card from collaboration gacha cards (6 cards in total) 5 people
〇Repost Award: Movie version compilation Made in Abyss[Part 1]&[Part 2](Blu-ray) 2 people

[Winner announcement]
After a strict lottery, the winners will be followed through the Dragon Poker official account and contacted via direct message on X (formerly Twitter). The winner announcement will be replaced by a direct message notification of the winner.
*Please note that if you unfollow the account, you will not be able to contact the winners.

[Prize distribution and shipping]
Around December 2023 (planned)
*Shipping may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters.

You can check the precautions and other information on the collaboration event special site.

◆Collaboration event special site

“Collaboration Login Campaign” is underway!

During the period, if you log in to the game, you can obtain items such as “Up to 10 Dragon Stones” and “SS Rare Gacha Ticket.” Don’t forget to log in every day to get gorgeous items!

■Event period
From December 4th 5:00 to December 18th 23:59

[Login reward]
You can receive 1 dragon stone every day! *Up to 10 pieces available

Day 2 R evolution ring 10 pieces of each attribute
Day 4 S evolution ring 5 pieces of each attribute
Day 6 SS Evolution Ring 2 of each attribute
Day 8 SS evolution ring 5 pieces of each attribute
Day 10 SS rare gacha ticket 1 piece

“Collaboration Start Dash Campaign” is underway!

During the period, all users will receive items such as “Up to 57 Dragon Stones” and “SS Rare Gacha Ticket”! Invite your friends and enjoy Dragon Poker!

■Event period
After maintenance on December 1st until 23:59 on December 18th

“Collaboration Commemoration SS Present Campaign” is underway!

All users who log in to “Dragon Poker” during the period will receive one item of their choice from a total of 11 eligible items. You can choose from recommended cards and reinforcement materials for the collaboration dungeon, so don’t forget to get them!

■Event period
After maintenance on December 1st until 23:59 on December 18th

(C) Akihito Tsukushi/Takeshobo/Made in Abyss “Golden Land of Retsu” Production Committee