Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hit Series Returns: Season 2 Announcement After a Year

Culture news After a year, this Netflix series with Arnold Schwarzenegger is back: season 2 is finally official


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This action-comedy series broadcast on Netflix, with this action movie star from the 1980s and 1990s, will make its big comeback!


Fubar, an action series with Arnold Schwarzenegger which was a hit

If you follow Netflix news, you have surely heard of Fubar which saw the light of day last year on the streaming platform. The red N stood out by offering spectators a good dose of action with the presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This series indeed features the cinema icon who plays a father who discovers overnight that his daughter also works in the CIA. A revelation that upsets the family balance, since they realize that they know nothing about each other's lives. This duo will therefore go on a mission together, for adventures that are explosive to say the least.

For several weeks, this series rose to the top of Netflix's most popular content in many countries. It must be said that Fubar's recipe is particularly effective, with well-paced action, a light storyline and a star of action cinema from the 1980s and 1990s. This is why a second season has been announced, to the delight of spectators around the world.

Season 2 of Fubar, it's official

While many months have passed without hearing about this series, a sequel has finally been made official! Excellent news for Arnold Schwarzenegger fans and those who enjoyed this production. Filming is expected to begin this month, and the cast appears to be virtually the same as the first season. After two weeks of dominating the Scarlet Platform last year, it's not all that surprising that this series is making a comeback with a second season. However, Fubar did not receive warm reviews with an average of 50% of evaluations from the specialized press and 68% of spectators. What makes this production strong is the presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger…And the fans are asking for more!

For the moment, no release date has been announced, so you will have to be patient before finding out more. However, everything seems to be on track since filming will begin in just a few daysa year after the broadcast of the first season.

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