Arise: Solo Leveling – May 2024 Codes Compilation

In Solo Leveling Arise you can redeem codes to get free items and resources. New codes are regularly released for this purpose, which you can use for both the mobile versions and the PC. Below we list all the current codes and explain how you can redeem the voucher codes.

Update from May 15, 2025: We have checked the list of codes to ensure they are up to date. It may happen that codes that have already expired continue to work. That's why it's best to try it out to check whether the codes are still active for you. By the way, you don't have to pay attention to the upper and lower case of the voucher codes.


All Codes for Solo Leveling Arise (May 2024)

While you wait for Solo Leveling Season 2, you can pass the time with Solo Leveling Arise. You can currently redeem the following codes on the PC and the mobile version:

Sololeveling_0508: 20 weapon and artifact upgradesNENEARISE: 250 magic cores and 50,000 goldLETGOKOREAGUILDS: 10 weapon upgrades and 50,000 goldWORLD1STLEVELUP: 300 magic coresSTAYSHARP: 1 gate key and 25,000 goldTHXSLVARISETHX: 200,000 goldSOLOLEVELINGSKR: 100,000 goldHUNTERPASS1ST: 2x ticket for a normal draw

Redeem codes in Solo Leveling Arise

In order to redeem codes in Solo Leveling Arise, the requirement is that you must have completed the first two chapters of the story. As soon as you visit the hub area for the first time, you can go to the options to redeem the voucher codes there. To do this, follow the following steps:

Click on the top right Quick menu button (Button with four squares). Now select that on the right bar gear (bottom right). Now click on the bottom left “Account”.Then turn right “Redeem code”.Enter your desired code and confirm. Leave the menu and go back to your P.O. Box of the game.Click on “Redeem everything,” to get the rewards.


That's all you have to do to redeem the voucher codes. By the way, Solo Leveling Arise uses gacha systems. The characters are assigned to two ranks, which you receive randomly and level up through duplicates.