Aqara Lumi HomeKit smart video doorbell G4 is on sale: priced at 699 yuan, with a 162-degree ultra-wide-angle camera

According to news from Gamingdeputy on February 1, Aqara Lumi announced that the smart video doorbell G4 that supports Apple’s HomeKit is on the market, priced at 699 yuan, and it is available in white and black.

The doorbell supports Apple Home,You can check the situation outside the door on the Apple device, and support remote viewing of the doorbellwhen there are people, pets or couriers outside the door, they will be notified at the first time, and key areas can also be set to send notifications only when there are activities in key areas.


When someone rings the doorbell, the HomePod in the room will send out a reminder, and the Home App can push the real-time news outside the door, directly tap to unlock the associated Aqara door lock, and open the door for the visitor with one click.

The doorbell also supports HomeKit secure video end-to-end encryption, local AI face recognition, privacy zone shielding without recording neighbors’ outside information, etc.

When someone stays outside the door, it will automatically remind and record the video of the event. When a stranger stays outside the door, it can also play an alarm sound. Support 7 days of free cloud storage, and recorded event videos will be stored in the cloud for free.

The doorbell uses a 162-degree ultra-wide-angle camera and supports distortion correction algorithms to obtain a wider field of view outside the door and reduce picture distortion. You can talk to visitors outside the door without opening the door, and it also supports voice-changing calls.

Gamingdeputy learned that when someone rings the doorbell, the distributed video stream can link the magic control screens in each room of the house with the doorbell, and video calls can be made. It also supports personalized ringtone playback, configuration automation, and corresponding reminder sounds based on different recognized faces.

Compared with ordinary direct-connect WiFi doorbells, this device has a more stable connection, a smoother viewing screen, and can save 2-3 times the standby power. The volume is up to 95dB, it supports external power supply, and also supports battery power supply, and it will not drop the line for 4 months.

The doorbell supports 3M adhesive and screw fixed installation. There is also a forced demolition alarm function. When it is detected that the doorbell has been violently dismantled, an alarm will automatically sound and a message will be sent to remind you.

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