Apple’s macOS Ventura notification system has a BUG: a large number of “Background Items Added” notifications appear after starting the Mac

Gamingdeputy News on February 3, after the foreign technology media 9to5Mac reported that there are many bugs in the macOS Ventura notification system, another media MacRumors also pointed out that there is another bug in the notification system: every time the user starts the Mac, even if the user has disabled Related processes, but macOS will still send reminders to users, and there will be notifications for various background running applications.

After the user disables the notification preview function through the system settings->notification->show preview path, the user will still receive a large number of “Login Items” notifications after turning on the Mac.


If the user enables notification previews, the notification system will display “Background Items Added” with “[App / 进程的名称] Added items that can run in the background. You can manage this in Login Items Settings”.

Strangely, there is no option in System Settings -> General -> Login Items to remove background items added to macOS by installed applications. Users can only disable listed items by toggling a switch. However, doing this seems to have no effect on notifications, and may cause more notifications to appear in some cases.

Gamingdeputy learned from Reddit, Twitter, and Apple support community discussions that the most notifications are application processes such as Google Updater, Adobe CC Helper, and Dropbox. But basically, third-party background processes may appear in login item notifications.

There is still no solution to this notification. In rare cases, Apple macOS may issue a notification even if the user has uninstalled the app in question.

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