Apple, what the hell? The memory in the new MacBook Pro is even slower than in the old ones

Apple positions the MacBook Pro as a great work machine.In theory, there should be no compromises in such devices: the top-end hardware and maximum speed so that users who have paid impressive money for them do not doubt their capabilities.And for many years it was.If you buy a MacBook Pro, then you know for sure that you have purchased one of the most powerful laptops on the market.But this year, something went wrong.

Even with a slow SSD, the base MacBook Pro 2023 will be faster than many Windows PCs.



In direct comparison SSD read and write speeds in the base versions of the new 512 GB MacBook Pro 14 and 16, which were introduced last week, models on M1 Pro processor turned out to be much faster.We tell you what it is connected with and whether it will affect somehow SSD speed reduction on users.

Memory in MacBook Pro

Memory in MacBook Pro.It is unlikely that you will notice that the MacBook Pro 2023 is slow.A photo.

It is unlikely that you will notice that the MacBook Pro 2023 is slow.

First of all, let me remind you that a similar problem has already been observed in several models of Apple laptops.Featured at WWDC 2022 Macbook Air M2 and MacBook Pro 13 M2 in the base 256 GB version also lose in SSD read and write speeds past generations of these laptops.Moreover, according to the tests, the drawdown was more than 50%.This is due to the fact that instead of two 128 GB drives, they had one 256 GB drive.

It seems like the opposite should be faster.However, with regard to SSD, everything turns out exactly the opposite.In the presence of two memory chips, reading and writing was carried out, in layman’s terms, in two streams.That is why after installing just one drive, the speed decreased by 50%.


But the MacBook Pro 14 and 16 don’t ship in 256GB configurations, and it seemed they wouldn’t be affected by this issue.Measuring SSD speed on MacBook Pro 2023 512 GB 9to5Mac portal experts got the following results:

Laptop modelWrite, MB/sReading, MB/s
Macbook Pro M2 Pro2934.43154.5
MacBook Pro M1 Pro4900.33950.8

As you can see, the difference is quite significant.Write speed decreased by 40%, and read speed by 20%.But let’s be honest: even these figures are still excellent.The SSD chips that Apple puts into MacBooks themselves are of high quality and perform well, which other computer manufacturers cannot always achieve.The average MacBook user is unlikely to notice such a drop in speed, especially if they are switching not from the previous generation, but from something older.

Memory in MacBook Pro.It's a shame that such an expensive computer received a deterioration in performance compared to the previous generation.A photo.

It’s a shame that such an expensive computer received a deterioration in performance compared to the previous generation.

After that, it was decided to disassemble new macbook pro With M2 Pro processor in the basic version and see how the memory is organized.Let me remind you that MacBook Pro M1 Pro 512 GB had four memory chips of 128 GB each.Consequently, reading and writing were already performed in four threads, and there could be no claims to speed here.Apple doesn’t skimp on storage in its laptops.As it turned out, in Macbook Pro 2023 instead of four 128 GB chips, two 256 GB chips are installed.It is for this reason that there was a decrease in the speed of reading and writing.


There will be a noticeable drawdown when exporting images or videos from the corresponding applications or other similar operations.But it just looks strange that the new computer has become worse than the old one, which came out a year and a half ago.Somehow a little embarrassing.The money is big.But Apple will not be able to go back.128 GB NAND chips are simply no longer being produced, and the Cupertino company was forced to switch to a new generation of memory, which has such an unpleasant feature.


Which Mac mini to choose

Which Mac mini to choose.The slow SSD has not bypassed the Mac mini either.A photo.

The slow SSD has not bypassed the Mac mini either.

But the problem is more slow SSD affected not only laptops, but also desktop computers.Last week, Apple also updated the Mac mini, which received M2 and M2 Pro processors.The base version of the Mac mini M2 is just equipped with 256 GB of memory.As you understand, exactly the same situation applies here as with Macbook Air M2.Instead of two 128 GB chips, one 256 GB chip is used, as a result of which users lose from 30 to 50% of speed. MacRumors Portal measured it with the Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test and got around 1500 MB/s for each operation.


You can even compare this result with MacBook Pro to M2 Pro and notice how much faster the memory in the laptop works.Naturally, you should not rely solely on test programs – everything is decided by operating experience.In most basic scenarios, slow memory will not be noticed, because processors have become faster, and this is one of the main indicators.But keep in mind this feature is still worth it.If you want to get the best speeds when working with memory in new Macs, then you definitely need to bypass the basic versions.Yes, you will have to overpay, but you will be sure that you really bought a computer without compromise.But in any case, I believe that you can notice drawdowns in speed only with a direct comparison.Therefore, if you do not work with heavy files or data arrays, and a large drive in your computer is an extra overpayment for you, then calmly take the basic version and do not worry about anything.The power of the new Macs is more than enough for you.