Apple wants to train you to protect your privacy on your iPhone… and it’s free

Ahead of European Data Protection Day, Apple announces a new session within Today at Apple. Focused on the protection of your personal data, it aims to train users of its smartphones to better use the tools available to them.

As European Data Privacy Day officially takes place next Saturday, January 28, Apple has just announced the launch of a new Today at Apple session, these sets of courses and training delivered free of charge in Apple Stores across the world.

Title Manage privacy on your iPhonethis short training, which can be reserved for one person or a group (from four individuals), aims to inform iPhone users of the options offered by their smartphone in terms of protecting their privacy.
Whether it’s the “Privacy Protection in Mail”, the creation or management of passwords, the settings of location sharing preferences with applications and services or the transparency of monitoring by Apps, Apple employees will lead these workshops and carry out this educational effort. They will perform demonstrations and explain the functions and their uses. Participants will obviously be able – it is even strongly encouraged – to come with their device – and even as a family, if they wish – to activate certain functions and learn to master them.

Thus, for example, they will be able to learn how to generate robust keywords for their various online accounts, or follow advice on how to replace those that have been compromised during a hack or that do not have a sufficient level of security.

During these thirty-minute educational sessions, registrants will also be able to discover the latest developments in terms of security and protection of their data. This is the case of Security controle. This new function allows you to reset the “access granted to all people and all apps”. Convenient if you had shared access to a paid account with a friend, who is no longer, for example. You can also take stock of the sharing of photos, calendars, or geolocation, and decide not to share them anymore, of course. It will obviously be possible for the most comfortable participants to ask questions and explore the subject further with the trainer, or by then going to dedicated pages on the Apple site.

If all these elements seem distant or incomprehensible to you, two solutions.

  • Watch the video above with Nick Mohammed, the star of Ted Lasso, to understand by an almost always funny staging what it is all about.
  • Or register in the Apple Store nearest you so that an employee of the Californian giant can enlighten you.

Yes, we must say that we would have liked short videos centered on a function or a set of functions to also be available for those who do not have an Apple Store nearby. This will undoubtedly come, on the Apple or 01net site, who knows?

Apple – Screenshot

Anyway, from next January 28, and in all Apple Stores in France, Navarre, and the world, it will therefore be possible to participate or at least to register for a session. They are free, and failing to make you meet Nick Mohammed, alias Nate the greatthey could allow you to take more advantage of the tools that Apple has at your disposal.

A good start… while waiting for the end of the story on the tracking without consent by Apple of users of its App Store. For the time being, the Cupertino company has still not reacted to the revelations of two cybersecurity researchers, who have apparently demonstrated that Apple does not apply to itself what it imposes. to others. To the point that legal proceedings have been launched in the United States. A serious stain on the white rider’s immaculate suit of protecting the privacy of our digital lives. But, until then, let’s be a good player and recognize that any educational effort is worth taking.