Apple Store in Malaysia on the way – first new country since 2018?

Apple has begun recruiting for a new Apple Store in Malaysia, potentially the first time the company will add a new country to its retail store network since 2018. Perhaps because it is not yet clear whether the first Indian store can open in advance.

Oddly enough, the job listings don’t indicate which part of the country the store will open in, but the capital, Kuala Lumpur (shown above), would be an obvious choice…


When Steve Jobs announced the Apple Store in 2001, many predicted that the initiative would fail. Critics said that with the rise of online shopping, it would be foolish to invest in physical stores at a time when their future is limited. Another said it was ridiculous to put so much money into a fancy design when people only care about the product.

Today, of course, Apple Stores are known to be the most profitable retail stores in the world, earning more money per square meter than even Tiffany or Harrods.

The last time Apple opened a store in a new country in Thailand was back in 2018.

Apple Store Malaysia

Bloomberg reports on the latest plan.

Apple Inc. began hiring for retailers in Malaysia, preparing for its first introduction to the Asian country.

The company recently posted job listings on its website for offices in Malaysia seeking store managers, technicians and support staff, enterprise salespeople and operations experts. The listings indicate that the positions will be for Apple’s own retail stores, and not third-party resellers that have long been active in Malaysia.

As noted in the report, the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China and Japan) earned $29 billion last year. Singapore’s Apple Store has become one of the most famous in the world for its eye-catching design.

We don’t even know for sure which city the first store in Malaysia will be in – although it’s hard to imagine it could be anywhere else than Kuala Lumpur – let alone the design of the store, but the city certainly has impressive architecture. .

Indian Apple Stores

Another unknown is whether Malaysia or India will be the next new country to host an Apple Store. Recruitment there also began earlier this month, and the first store is expected to open in Mumbai in March, although the schedule is undetermined given the country’s notorious bureaucracy (they learned from the best: the British).

Photo: Muhammad Ahir/Unsplash