Apple removes mentions of Sprint from its online store

Three years after T-Mobile acquired Sprint, Apple removed all mention of Sprint from its online store. The company also no longer allows customers to activate iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices through Sprint.

These changes, first spotted by MacRumors, appear to have gone into effect today. Prior to these changes, Apple’s website continued to highlight carrier offerings from Sprint, and “Sprint customers were still technically able to activate Sprint devices over the T-Mobile network,” the report said.

Now, Sprint no longer appears as a connection option when purchasing an iPhone through the Apple website. The change also applies to cellular versions of the Apple Watch and iPad. All references to deals with Sprint carriers have also been removed from Apple’s website.

This looks more like a brand and marketing purge for Apple than anything else. T-Mobile completed its acquisition of Sprint almost exactly three years ago. Since then, Sprint customers have been moving to T-Mobile’s network and infrastructure.

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