Apple releases new app with iOS 16.4 and explains why you need it

Photo: MacRumors

Apple has published a clarification regarding the release of a new music application. Write about it in MacRumors.

We are talking about the Apple Music Classical application – a separate utility for listening to classical music. Apparently, Apple Music users have questions about the advisability of releasing separate software for this purpose – theoretically, you can add a section with classical music to the current Apple Music application. The company explained why it did not do so.

“Classical music is different. It has longer and more detailed titles, multiple artists for each work, and hundreds of recordings of famous works. The Apple Music Classical app supports the complex data structure of classical music.”

Apparently, Apple wants to use more detailed metadata for tracks that are currently not supported in Apple Music. Most likely, it was less convenient to remake this application under the “classics” than to release a new one.

“Classical music often includes multiple musicians recording pieces that have been recorded many times before and go by different names. For example, from Beethoven’s formal Piano Sonata No. 14 to the popular moniker “Moonlight Sonata” or in several languages, such as Mondschein Sonata in German. Such complexities mean that streaming platforms are not serving classical music fans well. Now, a standalone app included with an Apple Music subscription gives these classical music lovers the editorial content and catalog they’ve been missing. Only a brand new app – with special features and a beautiful interface designed for the genre – can remove the complexity and make classical music discoverable, viewable and accessible for both novices and experts alike.”


Of course, there is also a marketing ploy in this. It is much more pleasant for a potential buyer of an Apple Music subscription to pay for access to two applications at once instead of one. Moreover, the second one provides access to classical music, listening to which is always considered good form in society.

Among other things, Apple Music Classical contains musical masterpieces recorded in Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos, which will undoubtedly give a new listening experience.

Access to Apple Music Classical is gradually expanding to more countries, but, unfortunately, the application is still not available in Russia (there is no Russian language in it either). In other regions it download from this link

– you can periodically check its availability from a Russian account.