Apple releases iOS 16.4 with hit innovations especially for Russia

Today, March 27, Apple releases iOS 16.4 with a wide range of new features and bug fixes. A lot of time passed between it and the release of the previous version – almost two months, but the testing itself began only in the second half of February. Such a long pause is due to the painstaking work on iOS 16.4: the fact is that this is one of the last major updates to the system, so the developers decided to double-check everything before releasing it to everyone. Those who follow the release of beta versions have already managed to make sure of its performance. The time has come for ordinary users update your iphone: Read below about what’s new in iOS 16.4 and how to install it.

iOS 16.4 is out for everyone. Explaining what’s new


What’s new in iOS 16.4

Before the start of beta testing, it might have seemed that there would be no particularly interesting features in iOS 16.4, since they all appeared in previous versions. But this is not so: there are a lot of innovations and for the sake of them it really makes sense to upgrade.

Push notifications in Safari on iPhone

Push notifications in Safari on iPhone.  Push notifications from Safari finally work!  Photo.

Push notifications from Safari finally work!

The most anticipated feature of iOS 16.4 will certainly be notifications in Safari. This option has been expected since the presentation of the operating system, but Apple decided to postpone its release until one of the latest releases. Now all you have to do is add the web app to your home screen, go to it and turn on push notifications, and then do the same in your iPhone’s notification settings.

Push in Safari sites will be exactly the same as in applications, and you will not have to spend extra memory and worry about their possible removal from the App Store. Read more about how they work in our material.

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Besides, add web apps to iphone screen You can use other browsers as well. Previously, this could only be done through Safari, but now other web browsers have this option as well. By the way, now web applications that do not have an icon look different when added to the Home screen: instead of a screenshot of the page, the first letter of the site name is displayed on the icon. They open in the browser that you set as default – before, when clicked, Safari was launched.

Swipe text input on iPhone

Swipe text input on iPhone.  Swipe text input is finally available on the built-in iOS keyboard.  Photo.

Swipe text input is finally available on the built-in iOS keyboard

Apple introduced the opportunity swipe text entry back in iOS 15, and Russian was among the supported languages. But something went wrong and users had to wait almost 2 years for the feature to appear. So, if you used a third-party keyboard for swipe input, you can switch back to the standard one – now there is support for the Russian language. It turns on very easily.

  • Go to Settings – General.
  • Select “Keyboard” and activate the switch next to “Swipe to type”.

How to Install iOS Beta on iPhone

How to Install iOS Beta on iPhone.  Installing beta versions of iOS will become much more difficult.  Photo.

Installing beta versions of iOS will become much more difficult

With the release of iOS 16.4, downloading beta versions of the operating system on iPhone will be a little more difficult. Apple will remove developer profiles, and users will need to create an account in the program Apple Developer Program. It will cost $ 99, and obviously not everyone can afford such a pleasure.

Nevertheless, ordinary users will still have the opportunity to download Public Beta iOS, having previously registered in the program. About, How are beta versions of iOS different? and how to install them on iPhone now, read our material.

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New features in iOS 16.4

iOS 16.4 has other minor improvements hidden from prying eyes. For example, the Shortcuts app has 9 new actions: they will be useful for those who like to build automations on their own or rework existing ones. And here are some more nice innovations that are in the update.

  • Apple Music now has quick profile access at the top of the screen.
  • New features in iOS 16.4.  The Podcasts app has been redesigned again - it has become even more convenient.  Photo.

    The Podcasts app has been redesigned to make it even more convenient

  • Podcasts now have a Channels section for easy access to episodes.
  • Updated HomeKit architecture for smart home control.
  • During a regular phone call, you can activate “Voice Isolation” to improve the quality of the conversation – we recently wrote about this.
  • New features in iOS 16.4.  The page flip animation looks nice again.  Photo.

    Page flip animation looks nice again

  • Has changed page flip animation in the Books app.
  • Available new emoji – more than 20 pieces.
  • Slightly improved crash detection on iPhone 14 models to be more accurate.
  • Accessibility has new settings for watching videos.
  • Auto enable/disable Always on Display when Focus is set.
  • iOS now detects duplicate photos not only on iPhone, but also in the shared iCloud library.

As you can see, despite the fact that this is the penultimate major iOS 16 updatethere are really a lot of new functions in it.


How to install iOS 16.4

How to install iOS 16.4.  You can download the iOS update right now without any problems.  Photo.

You can download the iOS update right now without any problems

As a rule, users are not in a hurry to install such updates in bulk, so iOS 16.4 can be downloaded without any failures and problems. So feel free to download the update on your smartphone. Recall how to update ios on iphone.

  • Go to Settings and select General.
  • Click Software Update, then search for updates.
  • Click “Download and Install” and then wait for the installation to complete.

Before installing the update, do not forget to connect to an access point with a stable signal strength and charge your smartphone, otherwise the iOS update will not be installed when the battery level is low. You may not have a Lightning cable nearby, so I recommend that you always have a spare on hand: I personally use a cool nylon cable from Baseus.

Reliable Baseus cable

At the same time create iphone backup, since even release versions of iOS are not without flaws – something can go wrong during installation. Already updated? Share your experience in our Telegram chat!