Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max to Have Strongest Battery Life in iPhone History, Alongside 8GB Memory

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Gamingdeputy reported on February 12 that last week, Naver user @yeux1122 gave some information about Apple’s supply chain, further confirming a series of rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro, such as its screen size increasing from 6.1 inches to 6.3 inches.

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It is said that the enlarged body size and optimized internal structure can provide higher optical zoom performance, which means that Apple will use it for the first time last year. iPhone 15 Pro Max's four-prism 5x telephoto lens has been expanded to the regular Pro version, which is also in line with previous rumors.

He added that with the current iPhone 15 The increase in size compared to the Pro model is almost imperceptible, and its bezels are still wider than the Samsung Galaxy S24. He explained that iPhone 16 Pro’s power consumption has been greatly improved, and “iPhone 16 Pro Max It will achieve the longest actual battery life of the iPhone to date.”

It was also reported last week that the battery capacity of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will reach 4,676 mAh, which is 5% more than the previous generation. I believe Apple can once again improve the overall battery life of the device. Gamingdeputy’s inquiry found that the current advertised battery life of Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max is 29 hours, so it is expected that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will exceed the 30-hour battery life for the first time.

Other details about the iPhone 16 Pro include: the phone will continue to use 8GB of memory, and Apple will use a new titanium alloy manufacturing process to further reduce costs.


according to @According to MajinBu’s news, Apple seems to be considering merging the entry-level model with the SE series, but in this case, the new machine will need to be renamed. There is currently no definite information in this regard, which is questionable.

Gamingdeputy summarizes existing news: Apple iPhone 16 Pro(codenamed Diablo) will be equipped with a 6.3-inch screen (15 Pro is 6.1 inches); iPhone 16 Pro Max (codenamed Lightning) is 6.9 inches (15 Pro Max is 6.7 inches).

Apple iPhone16 Pro Max is confirmed to use a 48Mp Sony IMX903 custom main camera, which is based on a 1/1.14″ super outsole. It is also equipped with double-layer transistor technology and supports 14Bit ADC and DCG. Apple iPhone16 Pro Max will use a periscope telephoto lens. Using 1MG+7P molded glass-plastic module.

Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out that Apple iPhone The 16 Pro model will receive a major imaging upgrade, equipped with two 48MP sensors for the first time, while the telephoto lens remains 12MP.In addition, Ming-Chi Kuo also revealed iPhone 16 Pro will continue to use iPhone 15 Pro Max ’s bi-fold quadrilateral telephoto lens, while the front camera of the iPhone 17 series models will be upgraded with a 24MP sensor and 6P lens.

Ming-Chi Kuo also mentioned last year that Apple plans to switch to a stacked rear camera sensor design for the entire iPhone 16 series. The relevant sensor is manufactured by Sony and is expected to be a double-layer (Photodiode + Pixel) crystal pixel architecture (2-Layer Transistor Pixel).

In addition, Apple is also preparing to introduce a new camera button on the iPhone 16 Pro series models. This shooting button, codenamed Nova, will use capacitive buttons and force sensor functions, and Mark Gurman has confirmed that it will be used specifically for shooting video.

In terms of appearance, Apple iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will be made of grade 5 titanium (Ti-6Al-4V). The overall appearance does not change significantly compared to the previous generation, but considering Apple’s practice, a new color scheme should be added. .

Ming-Chi Kuo and Jeff Pu also claimed that the Apple iPhone 16 Pro will be equipped with the A18 Pro chip, support Wi-Fi 7, and use Qualcomm's Snapdragon X75 modem, which can achieve 5G download speeds of 7.5 Gbps.

Digital blogger @Kosutami previously showed off the battery of the iPhone 16 Pro and claimed that the series battery uses graphene heat dissipation and has a capacity of 3355 mAh. In addition, there are reports that the iPhone 16 Pro will use a new battery stack design and is expected to achieve 40W wired charging, which is questionable.

@Majin Bu said,iPhone 16 will be from iPhone 1The 3,349 mAh battery of the 5 has been upgraded to 3,561 mAh, a year-on-year increase of 6%;iPhone 16 The Pro Max battery will grow 5% to 4,676 mAh.

In other respects, Apple will bring a large number of AI features to iOS 18, and may also provide exclusive AI features to iPhone 16 Pro/Max. After all, these two models will also exclusively use the A18 Pro chip. At the same time, since it wants to provide AI functions, the new machine also needs to be upgraded in terms of memory performance and storage capacity, so it will provide up to 2TB of storage space, but 1TB / 2TB is QLC flash memory.