Apple executive declares: “All tablets are inferior, except for the iPad”

Gamingdeputy reported on May 15 that this week, “Fast Company” published an interview with Apple's senior vice presidents John Ternus and Greg Joswiak (“Joz” for short), in-depth discussion of Apple's iPad vision, the M4 chip, AI, and what makes the iPad “professional.”

Gamingdeputy noticed that perhaps the most exciting part of the interview came from Joz’s words:“I hesitate to call it a 'tablet' because tablets suck, but that's not the case with the iPad.(I hesitate to call it a tablet, because tablets suck, and iPads don't,)”


Apple's new model iPad Pro The M4 chip was first launched on 2018. Apple pointed out that the M4 chip is the key to driving the dual OLED display of the new iPad Pro. Ternus outlined the overall improvement that the M4 chip has brought to the iPad Pro series: “We have always regarded the iPad as a magical piece. A glass panel that allows people to interact directly with content, so we're excited to push the limits of thinness without compromising performance with the new iPad Pro, which has the best display and most powerful performance we've ever put into an iPad. And there's no compromise on battery life or durability. We think this will deliver the ultimate iPad experience.”

The M4 iPad Pro will also come with a range of new accessories. These include an aluminum Magic Keyboard with new function keys and a larger trackpad, as well as a more advanced Apple Pencil Pro. Apple cleverly improved the way Apple Pencil Pro charges, Ternus explained: “We had to design a completely new architecture. We actually reduced the size of the electromagnetic induction charging solution in half to less than half the size of the previous version. size so that all these components can come together and function properly.”

Joz also mentioned in the interview,Apple is “simplifying the Pencil product line”. However, to fully realize this goal, the original Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2 may need to be phased out.


Finally, the article also discusses AI, Mac computers, and how Apple defines a “professional-grade” iPad. Joz said: “In fact, most Mac users own an iPad and use both devices. Likewise, many iPad users also have Mac computers, and some even have Windows computers. People choose the most appropriate tool for the situation. They are two very different tools. “

Ternus raised objections to the “professionalism” of the iPad Pro, arguing that “professionalism” is not defined by Mac computers. Ternus said: “There's an interesting misconception, maybe that Mac users use their own standards to measure what is professional. Look at what the Procreate team has accomplished with Apple Pencil Pro. There is no more professional drawing in the world than Procreate Applied, they are the lifeblood of artists.”

Features like touch controls, Apple Pencil input, and built-in 5G still differentiate the iPad from the Mac, even though both devices can accomplish many of the same types of tasks. As for AI, information on the software will be revealed at WWDC in a few weeks. Until then, Apple will continue to leverage its years of accumulation in neural network engines, which have already become part of Apple chip products and even Mac computers based on Intel processors.