App Temu Receives Complaint for Failing to Ensure a Safe Online Environment

The UFC-Que Choisir is filing a complaint against Temu, a very low-cost commerce app which has been hugely successful in France since 2023. But behind this success lie many controversies, and the app could be held accountable to Justice.

Since its arrival in France in 2023, Temu, the very low-cost Chinese commerce app, has been the subject of numerous controversies: accusation of stealing user data, creation of an addiction and supply of fake products, Temu accumulates critics in recent months. The UFC-Que Choisir therefore decided to take action against the app.


In A press release sent on May 16, the consumer association announced to file a complaint against Temu “ for non-compliance with the DSA. » The DSA is the European regulation governing the internal practices of web platforms, in particular by imposing on them more transparency and better tools for the protection of their customers.

However, according to the association, Temu is cruelly failing in his obligations. “ Temu does not guarantee its users a safe, predictable and trustworthy online environment “, she asserts. “ Thus, for the very first time under the DSA, UFC-Que Choisir files a complaint with Arcom in order to put an end to Temu's infringements in relation to European regulations.. »

Outcry in Europe against Temu

The aim of the maneuver is to force the site to respect its legal obligations and to gain transparency. UFC-Que Choisir is not the only one to act: sixteen other European consumer defense associations are mobilizing “ the DSA to remedy malfunctions » from the app. They all believe that the platform would not comply with European regulations, and would fail in its duties of protection.

Temu's home page // Source: Numerama screenshot
Temu's home page. // Source: Numerama screenshot

The main charges are as follows:


  • Temu does not provide sufficient traceability of professionals who sell products on the platform “, estimates the UFC-Que Choisir, “ a major infraction because consumers need to know who they are buying from and who to contact if they have a problem » ;
  • Temu does not explain enough how its recommendation systems work, which it is nevertheless obliged to do to comply with the DSA;
  • According to UFC-Que Choisir, “ Temu does not provide high levels of security to minors by not making access to the service conditional on age verification » ;
  • Finally, Temu is accused “ to use a number of manipulation techniques, called 'dark patterns'in particular by the use of false time counters or by creating a so-called limited stock creating a sense of urgency. »

Temu assures to grant “ a great importance » to the complaint. The company promises to study it “ with the greatest attention », while emphasizing its efforts to adjust its services and adapt them according to the countries in which it does business.

We work closely with our third-party sellers, regulatory authorities, consumer associations and other stakeholders », she adds. “ We strive to provide them with safe and reliable service. » The ball is now in Arcom's court.