app lock, encryption on Messenger, secure payments

Meta Quest benefits from a big update, with the program: improved application locking, secure payments, audio accessibility, new keyboards, but also encryption of Messenger conversations.

End-to-end encryption on Messenger is available on Meta Quest // Source: Meta

The interface of Meta Quest virtual reality headsets from Meta benefits from a big update with several new features: improved application locking, secure payments, audio accessibility, new keyboards, but also encryption of Messenger chats. There is above all one watchword: security, which is indeed regularly criticized by Meta. No new environment unfortunately, even if the mountain one had been deployed a few weeks ago.

Individual unlocking of apps

Meta had built into version 31 of Meta Quest the ability to lock the headset, which was handy to prevent someone from using it. But when you unlocked it, you could then access the entire device. In this new version announced by Meta, each application can be locked specifically. Meta takes the example of parents who can unlock certain games for children, in order to let them play without accessing content that is not appropriate for their age.

The individual unlocking of applications thanks to a pattern to be reproduced // Source: Meta

Now, if you want to restrict an app, it will lock every time you close it.

Secure payments are coming to Meta Quest

If you have a Visa or MasterCard bank card, it is very likely that your payments go through the 3-D Secure protocol, which adds a verification step for the user of an online bank card. If before payments could only be made via the Oculus mobile app, now payments can be made directly on Meta Quest.

Secure payments via 3-D Secure arrive in Meta Quest // Source: Meta

No more need to remove your helmet with each purchase: obviously that suits Meta.

New keyboards compatible with Meta virtual reality headsets

Meta makes new keyboards compatible with its Meta Quest 2, via Bluetooth. So far, the Logitech K830 and the Apple Magic Keyboard were compatible. Now, the list is completed with the Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, but also the Logitech K375s and the Logitech MX Keys.

meta-quest-Manage Saved Keyboards
You will be able to manage your different keyboards paired with your virtual reality headset // Source: Meta

New audio accessibility options for people with hearing loss

Meta adds an “Accessibility” tab in its settings with two new options for people with hearing loss. The first allows you to switch from stereo audio to mono audio: the sound that will come out of the right and left speakers will be the same; spatial audio is enabled by default.

meta-quest-Audio Accessibility Settings
Accessibility audio options in Meta Quest // Source: Meta

The second option allows you to manually adjust the balance of the audio if you hear better in one ear than the other.

End-to-end encryption comes to Messenger in virtual reality

In its v40, Meta Quest is testing optional end-to-end encryption for messages and individual calls on Messenger in virtual reality.

meta-quest-Messenger in VR –  E2EE Menu
End-to-end encryption of Messenger conversations is coming to Meta Quest // Source: Meta

Enough to reinforce the security of the instant messaging application of Meta, even in a virtual reality helmet.

Meta continues its evolution towards a more complete metaverse and develops the functionalities of its virtual reality headsets. At the beginning of the year, the giant had set up the possibility of sharing links from your Android smartphone to the headset. Also, a few days ago Meta’s roadmap had leaked, we learned that 4 new VR headsets would be in development.

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