Apex Legends Update 1,000,054: A step towards perfection

| 9:06 p.m

Apex Legends Ignite Patch Notes


In the dynamic universe of Apex Legends, continuous updates and patches are crucial to keeping the gaming experience fresh and exciting. With the latest update 1,000,054, Respawn Entertainment underlines its commitment to improving and fine-tuning the game. This update, available on all platforms, may seem minor at first glance, but it brings important fixes and adjustments that significantly improve the gaming experience.

The new Apex Legends Update 2.40 is now available to download for ALL platforms. The file size is 3.485 GB on the PlayStation 4, the size may vary depending on the platform. The customizations and content are the same for all platforms, the only difference between platforms is the version number. On the PS4 it is update 2.40, on the PS5 it is version 1,000,054.

Apex Legends Update 2.40 | PS5 1,054 Patch Notes

Core content of the update

The main changes of the patch are:


  1. Correction of bullet rays: The bullet jets now originate from the correct position, resulting in a more realistic and precise shooting experience.
  2. Adjustments to Revenant’s Ultimate Shield: Shooting this shield now grants the correct progression for Evo armor, providing a more balanced feel.
  3. Optimization of player profiles: Fixed an issue where player profiles would sometimes appear black, improving the user experience when browsing profiles.

Ongoing and planned improvements

In addition to these changes, the development team is actively fixing various known issues. These include, among others:

  • Game crashes under certain conditions, such as after changing primary weapon in TDM/Control game mode.
  • Graphical issues, such as staggered projectile beams when moving sideways.
  • Challenges related to game performance at high frame rates (above 165 FPS).
  • Various error messages and minor graphical inconsistencies that may affect the gaming experience.

Update 1,000,054 may seem small, but it is a significant step towards a smoother and more engaging gaming experience in Apex Legends. By fixing bugs and continually working on known issues, Respawn Entertainment shows that it is responsive to community feedback and needs. Players can look forward to an ever-improving version of Apex Legends that will delight both new and experienced players.

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