AOMEI Backupper 7 (7.3.2) Professional free of charge for you (promotion until May 30, 2024)

We have been offering you AOMEI Backupper Pro free of charge since 2019. Since the last key expired today, it’s time to create a new post. We currently have the current version 7.3.2 for you including the key.

The promotion is valid from May 25, 2022 to May 30, 2024. Until then you can use the key to register. If the key or something similar changes, we will inform you here. Of course also if there are updates for the backup program. [Update 24.04.]: The key has been renewed and is valid until May 2024

AOMEI offers the Backupper as a standard version (Free) with fewer functions. The Backupper Pro offers even more functions. Among other things, differential backup, backup encryption, securing dynamic hard drives and more. Another advantage of the Pro version is that backups are created faster.

In addition to the backups that can be created, a clone can also be created if, for example, you want to switch from a hard drive to an SSD (M2). Synchronization (also in real time) of the data is possible and much more. The program itself is very easy to use. Therefore there are not many settings.

In Settings -> Backups you can choose whether you use VSS from Microsoft or the internal technology from AOMEI itself so that the backups can be created.

Important But the first thing to do after installation is to create a bootable medium (USB stick) in the “Tools” menu item. Because what’s the use of a backup if the computer no longer starts and you can no longer access the backup.

Fixes in AOMEI Backupper 7.3.2

  • Fixed: In some environments, email notifications were not sent after backup operations were completed.
  • Fixed: The program interface information was not displayed correctly when a file backup image was mounted.

Fixes in AOMEI Backupper 7.3.1

  • When backing up some emails, an incorrect code may occasionally appear. The problem has been corrected
  • Fixed some known bugs.

Info and download:

  • [Update 5. Juli 2023] Since we are currently being flooded with comments on this post by a spam bot, please use this link to our forum for a while if you have any questions or problems. (Also open to guests). Thanks for your understanding.
  • As a note: The version 6 key also works in Backupper 7.
  • Info page:
  • Changelog:
  • Download including key: (168 MB) (09/19/2023)
  • Activation is possible with the stored key until May 30, 2024. The backupper can of course still be used afterwards.
  • If activation fails, you can also do that Offline activation to use
  • If the free standard version is enough for some of you: (130 MB)
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