Anticipating the Release of a Major Video Game from Rockstar Before GTA 6 Hits in 2025

Game news Before the big launch of GTA 6 in 2025, Rockstar is reportedly working on the arrival of a major video game from its catalog on PC!


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While all eyes are on the release of Grand Theft Auto VI next year, Rockstar could release another major title from its catalog on PC before then. After years of asking for it, this wish of the players could finally come true!


Since the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI in December 2023, players have been impatiently waiting to learn more about Rockstar's next game, which is clearly the most anticipated title of the decade, if not more. Yet, if all games are focused on the release of GTA 6 next year, the American studio could well have another surprise for players between now and then.

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Red Dead Redemption finally on PC!

The information that interests us today does not come from just anyone, since it concerns Tez2. If you are not used to following Rockstar news, he is one of the studio's most reliable specialists because he does dataming of their games, but not only. It is therefore without too many surprises that today's revelation comes from an official launcher from the developer.

In a message published below, we can see a line of code which evokes the introductory text in the body of a text supposed to promote a product whose code name is RDR. The description talks about discovering the western United States and Mexico, but also about enjoying an expansion with zombies. Okay, you get it, but this line of code present in the Rockstar launcher confirms the arrival of the first Red Dead Redemption on PC.

A good way to wait for GTA 6

Fourteen years after the game's release on Xbox 360 and PS3, five after the launch of the second episode on PC and a year after the port to Nintendo Switch, that's it, Red Dead Redemption will finally land on PC while players don't believed in it more. After more than a decade of waiting, this wish is finally coming true. At the origin of this rather late port, it seems that the game was too complicated to adapt to PC for technical reasons, which can explain this long lag. In any case, this is a great gift while waiting for the release of GTA VI in 2025.

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