another nice surprise, the fans are excited

Cities Skylines 2 never ceases to surprise us. And the developers are teasing something that has clearly not gone unnoticed by the community.

The base game of Cities Skylines 2 promises to include many features that fans have been waiting for. Many of these were not present in the initial version of Cities Skylines. The overhaul of the traffic system allows, for example, the use of all traffic lanes, the introduction of roundabouts and unrivaled ease of building motorway ramps. Still, as the release date approached, it looked like a key building feature was going to be omitted: contour lines. These are crucial for representing the various elevations and nuances of the terrain, allowing for more precise construction. This is what makes it possible to create much more realistic cities.

Cities Skylines 2 still surprises

Moreover, during a recent Colossal Order livestream, the absence of contour lines at launch was confirmed. But a recent post from the studio suggests otherwise. These famous lines could well be present as soon as the game is released. More precisely, in a publication on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Colossal Order reveals information on the terraforming tools of Cities Skylines 2. Available from the start, these tools will make it possible to plant trees or add vegetation to beautify areas.

One detail, however, captivated attention: the presence of contour lines on a screenshot, strongly suggesting their integration from launch. Two scenarios seem possible. Either these contour lines are integrated from the start, or the image comes from an updated version that will be offered after release. Regardless, this feature is currently being finalized and should be available shortly after launch, if not right away.

Contour lines in Cities Skylines 2.

A management slap

So far, whether or not contour lines are present in the base game, Cities Skylines 2 continues to impress. At first glance, it seems to be the most complete city builder to date, far surpassing what Sim City could offer in its time, as well as the first opus of Cities Skylines. The game promises to be titanic, integrating numerous features from old DLCs such as Natural Disasters or Snowfall, which enriched the gaming experience with, among other things, mechanics linked to winter infrastructures.

Of course, this will also be an opportunity to discover some great new features, including a much larger map, a mixed zoning option for your cities and a revised and in-depth transport system. Cities Skylines 2 is expected for October 24, 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, giving fans a little more time to build their impatience.

What do you think of this rrevelation? Are you happy or just curious?