Another Crab's Treasure – The universe of Souls… under the ocean! -Nintendo Switch

Already spotted by PC gamers, Another Crab's Treasure offers you the demanding experience of titles from the Souls universe, but in a much more colorful version taking place under the ocean. Players will thus play a hermit crab who has lost his shell, and sets out to find it, even if this leads him to face many dangers. If you have a crush on this title, know that it will be available on Nintendo Switch from April 25, 2024.

Slip into the shoes of Kril, the hermit crab, and use the garbage that lines the underwater depths as shells to survive attacks from predators several times your size. Embark on an epic treasure hunt to collect your own seashell and uncover the dark secrets of ocean pollution.

In this underwater society, trash is a valuable resource, whether it's for grooming one's appearance or crafting real guns. However, the deluge of trash is accompanied by a mysterious infection, Gunk, which could well sound the death knell for the entire ocean.

Throughout his aquatic explorations, Kril will develop a variety of Umami techniques, powerful attacks learned from contact with the ocean's residents. Strike your enemies with the super-powerful force of a sea mantis, immobilize them with the horrible Bobbit worm and more.

The depth of the ocean defies imagination. Use your pincers to claw your way through kelp forests, coral stories, sand cities, or even the unspeakable darkness of the abyss, all to recover your precious shell.

Designed to be affordable by new fans of the Souls genre, as well as to offer a challenge to the most fierce fans, Another Crab's Treasure will satisfy players of all experience levels, regardless of the time they want to devote to it. . Options will make life easier for those who want a less unforgiving experience, or on the contrary make the game as difficult as possible for players who want to be pushed to their limits.