an update truly unlike any other

As is often the case, the Nintendo Switch is updating. But this time, it’s a specific change that won’t necessarily disrupt your user experience.

Just like your PS5 or your Xbox Series, the Nintendo Switch updates frequently. To improve functionality or make additions. However, it must be admitted that sometimes these updates are quite discreet and can even go unnoticed. Here is what we can take away from it.


The Nintendo Switch and its strange update

As part of Nintendo’s usual updates, Nintendo Switch firmware changes usually result in a change in version number. These updates come with patch notes detailing the changes. And require a console restart to fully apply. However, the update recently deployed by Nintendo stands out for its “no-reboot” nature. This type of update is notable for its lack of necessary reboot, which marks a change from standard practice.

These quiet updates tend to be minor, without making major changes to the system. An interesting detail is the absence of patch notes from Nintendo. Leaving users uncertain about the exact changes. To obtain information, users often have to turn to external sources. Like tweets or online forums, where additional details are sometimes shared.

A question of language

A no-restart update for version 17.0.0 of the Nintendo Switch is therefore available. The only changes concern the lists of inappropriate words:

  • A Nazi expression is now blocked in all languages ​​instead of just some.
  • Some Japanese expressions involving murder have been blocked.
  • “Leprosy” has been blocked in Dutch

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the Nintendo Switch 2. A recently disclosed patent from Nintendo reveals what the console could be. Its design would be inspired by Nintendo’s previous portable consoles. Such as the DS and 3DS, with at least three screens: one on the outside and two on the inside once the device is unfolded. This reveal offers a possible preview of the design and features of the new console.


Regarding power, although the information should be taken with caution, the specifications of the Nintendo Switch 2 suggest a significant improvement compared to the current version. In response to criticism of its limited performance compared to consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, recent reports indicate that Nintendo showed off tech demos using Unreal Engine 5 at Gamescom. Be careful, however, because Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has officially refuted the rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch 2. The wait around this console is therefore considerable.