An inclusive park for people with disabilities will be created in Yaroslavl Shaksha

The first step towards this is the Trajectory of Hope project, the implementation of which will enable people with disabilities to engage in skiing. Already this year, about 50 children from 4 years old will take part in the program.

According to project manager Oksana Demidova, special equipment has already been purchased for this, a program has been developed, and specialists have been selected.

In autumn, the project took part in the federal inclusive accelerator for leadership projects of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. And according to the results, out of 230 participants, I got into the top 25 for presentation to potential investors and partners. An application has already been submitted for grant funding to the Potanin Charitable Foundation.

As for the plans, they are planning to create an inclusive extreme sports park for people with disabilities on the territory of Shakshi. That is, people who can not even stand on their own, but with support, can find activities to their liking here. In the near future, a climbing wall, rollerblading, zorbing, mountainboarding, mountain biking, ropejumping, parasnowboarding will appear here.