An Exciting Upcoming Movie to Anticipate, and it Won’t Cost a Thing!

The Fallout series is highly anticipated, but in the meantime, you will be able to enjoy another project accessible completely for free. Pretty good!

In the teeming landscape of independent productions, Fallout Deadweight stands out as a vibrant homage to the universe of Fallout 4. Directed by Nigel J. Kim, this twelve-minute short film immerses the viewer in an adventure faithful to the spirit of the series, featuring Nate, the game's iconic character, in a story that is both a celebration and a conclusion to the story initiated in Fallout 4. Perfect for waiting for the real official TV series.


A production with Fallout fidelity

What is immediately striking about this Deadweight project is the creators' undeniable commitment to recreating the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of Fallout with painstaking precision. From the first seconds, the scene where Nate uses a laser gun against a Molerat, before launching Dogmeat to attack, immerses the viewer in the characteristic action of the game. The short film multiplies the references: from the use of chems by the Raiders to a scene inspired by the VATS system, without forgetting the omnipresent iconography of Vault Boy and replicas of weapons and objects. A great job for amateurs.

Far from being content with being a simple reproduction, Fallout Deadweight aims to complete the loop of Fallout 4 by bringing Nate back to Vault 111, thus offering a new perspective on the conclusion of the story. The performance of JP Valenti, who lends his features to Nate, as well as the dubbing and the soundtrack of the film, help to anchor this short film deeply in the Fallout universe. Testifying to a project driven by passion and admiration for the original game.

What to expect for the Fallout television series scheduled for Amazon Prime Video on April 11. With Fallout Deadweight, Nigel J. Kim and his team offer RPG fans an interesting cinematic foray into their favorite universe. As a reminder, the action of the Amazon series takes place in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. Where citizens live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits. This project is set in the same universe as the games, but seeks to tell an original story rather than being a direct adaptation of a specific game.