An Exciting Surprise for Fans

Dungeons and Dragons is going to give its fans a very big surprise in one of the most popular games of recent years.

If it did not wait for Baldur's Gate 3 to be successful, the license Dungeons and Dragons has benefited greatly from the explosion of GOTY 2023. The franchise is more than ever on the rise. So much so that she will soon be the big star of the next chapter of one of the most popular games of the moment, Dead by Daylight.


Yes, you certainly expected Fortnite, but no, it is with Dead by Daylight that DnD will make its next collaboration. The game of Behavior is not on its first try. It has more than a dozen collaborations with other video games, such as resident Evil or silent Hillbut also a whole bunch of cult, fantastic or horrific licenses like Alien, Chucky, Scream or even Freddy Krueger to name a few.

Dungeons & Dragons is joining Dead by Daylight, and it's going to be huge!

This time, he will delve into dark fantasy with DnD for “one of the most ambitious chapters in the game” according to its developers, just that. Dead by Daylight will therefore welcome a brand new killer, the Archilich Vecna. This name will definitely appeal to you if you have seen the last season of Stranger Things which also refers to this DnD character. The developers claim to have wanted to recall the DnD role-playing game in the gameplay of this new killer. As a result, in part, Vecna ​​will be able to have access to a spell book from which he will draw his attacks from 4 spells. Powers chosen by the devs inspired by the real rules of Dungeons and Dragons. So Flight, Flight of the Damned, Dispel Magic and Mage's Hand were chosen.

Vecna ​​will be a versatile killer. He will be able to cross the map quickly to put pressure on survivors with his Flight ability. Another power, Flight of the Damned is, as the developers explain, a skill specific to Vecna ​​in DnD. In Dead by Daylight, it will allow you to launch numerous spectral projectiles. And this, even through walls to surprise opponents. As if that wasn't enough, his Mage Hand spell will allow him to interact with the pallets by instantly raising them or blocking them.

Fortunately, this spell is difficult to use since it will require a charge time before being cast. It is therefore up to you to premeditate the movements of the survivors. Finally, Dispel Magic is very inspired by DnD spells. This attack will allow Vecna ​​to not only detect and deactivate magic items in a given area, but also to detect and reveal the presence of survivors in the same area. Rather strong.


The killer is not the only new feature in this chapter

As a bonus, still to stick to this Dungeons and Dragons spirit, when you face Vecna, magical and cursed objects can be found in chests scattered around the map. With these objects, the Eye and the Hand of Vecna, you will be able to enter lockers very quickly, teleport from one locker to another or even become invisible. However, each of his actions will cost you a few life points and the rarity of the objects will be chosen randomly at the start of the game. Yes, die rolling is also part of DnD.

In addition to Vecna, a new map, The Forgotten Ruins, very inspired by dark fantasy of course. Finally, a survivor will join the cast, Aestri Yazar, from whom we are still awaiting some details. The Dungeons and Dragons chapter of Dead by Daylight will be available on June 3 on all platforms.