An employee claimed to be a whistleblower – suspected of data theft

A former employee of the IT company Ubiquiti is suspected by the FBI and the US Department of Justice of stealing secret data from the company.

The person is then said to be an anonymous hacker and threatened to spread the data if Ubiquiti did not pay close to two million dollars in ransom. When Ubiquiti refused, the person should instead publish parts of the stolen content online.

When the FBI came in contact with the person, he allegedly lied to the criminal investigators and pretended to be a whistleblower who tried to draw the media’s attention to the fact that Ubiquiti hid a huge data leak. The data that was stolen allegedly the person came from an anonymous hacker.

Several news sites have published articles about the false accusations, something that caused Ubiquiti’s share price to plummet by four billion dollars.

The FBI now says that further investigation shows that the information about the data leak is not correct. The former Ubiquiti employee has now been arrested and called to court on December 15, 2021, reports our American sister site TUBE.


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