An 83-kilogram woman dropped 18 kilograms and revealed one secret of success Russian news EN

A resident of the Indian city of Gurgaon, Haryana, lost 18 kilograms in a year and two months thanks to walking and dieting. One secret to her success uncovered Times of India edition.

37-year-old Priya Tiwari began to gain weight after the wedding. Over time, her favorite clothes no longer fit. Subsequently, the woman was diagnosed with thyroid problems. The Indian woman developed obesity, which led to many health complications. At the peak, the woman’s weight was 83.2 kilograms.

She decided to change her lifestyle and get rid of extra pounds. “Weight loss didn’t happen instantly. I did not take a magic pill, I had to work hard to succeed, ”the woman emphasized. Thanks to a suitable diet and daily hourly walks, Tiwari was able to return the weight back to normal. For a year and two months, the Indian woman managed to lose 18 kilograms.

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Now for breakfast, a woman eats rice with vegetables, or a peanut butter sandwich, or an apple smoothie and a slice of bread. Sometimes Tiwari chooses corn flakes with skimmed milk or an omelette without yolk. For lunch, an Indian prefers any vegetables, flatbread and salad, or rice and bean soup, pasta, or a burger without cheese. For dinner, a woman chooses protein-rich foods: grilled soy or cheese, steamed vegetarian khinkali, soup, cheese salad, or fenugreek tortilla. Sometimes she allows herself to also eat a burger, pizza or noodles. Before training, a woman eats a tablespoon of peanut butter, and after – two boiled eggs.

In addition, the Indian began to drink enough water and learned to refuse junk food. As a workout, Tiwari goes for walks every day, lasting from 45 minutes to an hour.

“For me, the secret to success was the principle: one small change at a time. I received meal plans from my nutritionist that depended on my schedule and health conditions. Thanks to a change in eating habits and brisk walking, I got rid of extra pounds, ”the Indian woman explained.

When Tiwari saw the results of these changes, she could no longer return to her old way of life. “One of the easiest ways to stay motivated is to look at your old photos and see how much you’ve changed things for the better,” she said.

The woman noted that her son became the incentive for losing weight. “He is three years old and I want him to be proud of his mother. He should not be shy when I come to school and when he introduces me to friends,” Tiwari explained. The Indian stressed that you can not lose weight in a couple of days. It takes concentration and motivation. “Moreover, you need to be consistent and patient to see the changes that will occur in the body,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the New Zealand city of Auckland, who weighed 122 kilograms, lost 30 kilograms in seven months secretly from her husband and surprised him at the meeting. Valentine stressed that diet and exercise helped her to lose weight in equal measure.