AMD/XFX’s BC-160 mining card exposed, with a hash rate of 72MH/s

Previously, a number of AMD mining cards have been exposed, including dual Radeon RX 570 core sapphire graphics cards (only one HDMI port), XFX mining cards with Navi 21 cores in Vietnam, and XFX mines with the same specifications as Radeon RX 6700M Card. Although AMD is not like Nvidia, there is a CMP HX series specifically for mining, but these products are different from the specifications and design of ordinary graphics cards, it seems that there are special mining cards.

Last year, AMD Radeon Pro 5600M was unveiled. This is a product dedicated to Apple’s MacBook series and the only known graphics card with Navi 12 core. It is equipped with 2560 stream processors and two HBM2 video memory with a total capacity of 8GB and an equivalent frequency of 1.54GHz. According to VideoCardzReportRecently, a mining card called BC-160 has appeared, which uses Navi 12 core and 8GB of HBM2 video memory, with 2304 stream processors. As there are some problems with the information described above, for example, the video memory rate is 4 GHz (the HBM2 video memory used by the card cannot reach such a rate), which makes people doubt whether it is true.

In view of the lack of relevant information, it is difficult to verify the situation of this product. AMD also did not say too much about the business involving cryptocurrency. This type of board is not listed on any official website including the manufacturer, but it was indeed included in the Linux kernel patch at the beginning of this year.discoverOr use the trace of Navi 10/12 core mine card.

It is said that this BC-160 mining card is designed by XFX in China. It is equipped with a dual 8Pin external power supply interface. The TGP is 150W and the hash rate is 69.5MH/s. This is better than the Radeon RX 5700 XT based on the Navi 10 core. It’s about 25% faster. The pictures of another group of BC-160 mining cards show that its actual computing power has reached 72MH/s.

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