Amazon’s new Prime series is a must-watch as everyone eagerly anticipates its release

In the last few weeks, Amazon has had to admit defeat to competition from Netflix and Co. at the top of the US streaming charts. However, with a new Prime series, we have now managed to regain first place. Everyone now wants “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. Impatient contemporaries even have a good reason to be happy.

A second season hasn't been confirmed by Amazon yet, but things are looking good. After all, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” was No. 1 on Prime Video in over 130 countries worldwide in its first week. With it counts “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” is one of the five most successful series starts for Amazon (Source: Deadline).


It's no surprise that the series is also within the US streaming charts climbs onto the winner's podium and leaves the competition from Netflix, Disney+, Apple and Co. behind. Amazon is having a wonderful success (source: Reelgood).

About the content of the series: Yes, the series “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” is based on the 2005 film of the same name with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This time, however, the main roles are played by Donald Glover and Maya Erskine as John and Jane Smith.

What do critics and viewers say?

The only question is, how does the Amazon series end up being received by Prime customers? An IMDb rating of 6.9 points is okay, but not an outstanding result. At least the series beats the film, which can currently only claim 6.5 points. And how do the professionals at Rotten Tomatoes see it?

They are impressed again. Whole 89 percent of over 100 critics found the series worth watching. In the summary it reads like this (translated): “Mr. & Mrs. Smith builds on the premise of the original and anchors its spy stories in a relationship drama that thrives on the chemistry between its charming leads.”


And the viewers? They are still 67 percent convinced, but in the end it turns out “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” especially as a critics’ favorite. Nevertheless, it's best to take a look yourself and form your own opinion.