Amazon Prime Gaming: July 2024 Lineup – Featuring 6 Exciting Games

Amazon is preparing for its Prime Day. But this will not prevent the multinational from offering games outside of this promotional period.

Amazon recently announced that 15 video games will be offered to its paying subscribers as part of Prime Day. With such a volume, one would have thought that the multinational would stop there. It's quite the opposite: six other titles will be offered in July, still for Prime subscribers. So this brings the volume to 21 over a one-month period. This is quite unprecedented — and generous.


Amazon Prime Gaming in July 2024 // Source: Amazon
Amazon Prime Gaming in July 2024 // Source: Amazon

The Amazon Prime Gaming subscription is included in Amazon Prime (69.90 euros per year or 6.99 euros per month).

The 6 games offered in July 2024 on Amazon Prime Gaming

July 18: Youtubers Life 2 (Amazon Games App)

Yes, yes, there is a video game where you play as an influencer trying to break into the industry. Why… not?

July 18: Maneater (Epic Games Store)

Maneater is an incredibly fun game, in which you play a shark that can eat anything. Under the Seinebut better. And not in Paris.

Maneater // Source: Tripwire InteractiveManeater // Source: Tripwire Interactive

July 18: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (Amazon Games App)

A cult RPG with in-depth gameplay, which uses the official rules of Dungeons and Dragons.

July 25: Cat Quest II (GOG Code)

A game with cute cats. There is no other argument to make.

July 25: Midnight Fight Express (GOG Code)

An action-oriented title that takes inspiration from old-school beat 'em ups, that is, with street fights.

July 25: Masterplan Tycoon (Amazon Games App)

In this resource management game, creativity and logistical skills are required.

How to redeem the games offered with your Amazon Prime subscription?

To get the games offered by Amazon Prime, you have to go to the Amazon Gaming page and identify yourself with your Amazon subscriber account.

  • You will then quite easily find the tab “ Play with Prime », which lists all the titles offered.
  • Simply click on “Recover the game” to expand your library accessible from the Amazon Games application (note, only Windows PCs are compatible) or other platforms (Origin, Epic Games Store).