Amazon, for Black Friday also furniture and furnishings

Maybe not everyone knows that Amazon for some years it has also been furniture and furnishings. After having fielded the brand Movianin fact, Amazon has dropped the ace in this sector by selling its own line of simple, essential and, above all, low cost products. There is not the depth of offer that a brand like Ikea can have, but there is still a long series of offers that can be extremely useful for furnishing a home office, for filling a corner of the house that remains incomplete, to complete your own. desk or more.

Movian is the Amazon furniture line

Everything costs very little and this is the most interesting aspect. Especially if Black Friday further lowers that “little” until it becomes the balance price in all respects.


The Amazon furniture store is here. There you will find storage boxes, chairs, dressers, desks, mattresses, bookcases and much more.

In the wake of the success of the Amazon Essentials (you can also find designer clothes directly from Amazon), Amazon is betting on furniture to enrich its catalog and further lower the price center of gravity. Low cost is better, it arrives home with free shipping and meets the quality standards expected for price thresholds of this type.


Black Friday therefore also becomes an opportunity for furniture and drawers, in which to store the rest of the goods that we are going to buy in these days of special sales.

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