Already available in beta client: Steam is working on Joy-Con support

Fans of the operating concept of the Nintendo Switch can look forward to the latest beta, the Steam published this week, the Joy-Con controllers are now also supported. This means that the controllers for Nintendo’s popular console, which recently even overtook the Wii in terms of sales, are now also available.

The Joy-Cons, which are divided into a left and a right controller, can – as on the Switch – either be used together as an input device in handheld mode or as separate controllers, which is beneficial for all multiplayer games.

To participate in the beta program, the user must be logged into the client. In the menu at the top right, activate “Steam” at the top left of the menu. Select “Settings” in the menu that opens. In the settings, activate the “Change” menu item in the Beta participation area. This menu is where you sign up for the beta program.

In addition, support for the Nintendo Classic controllers has been improved. Where exactly, however, was not communicated in the update comments. The wireless new editions such as the des Nintendo 64 controllers for the Switch will Officially supported since the July 27 client update.

It is not yet clear when support for the Joy-Con controller will be included in the regular client.


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