Alpine Linux 3.20 Released: Introducing the Minimalistic Distribution

Available release Alpine Linux 3.20, a minimalistic distribution built on the basis of the Musl system library and the BusyBox set of utilities. The distribution has increased security requirements and is built with SSP (Stack Smashing Protection) protection. OpenRC is used as the initialization system, and its own apk package manager is used to manage packages. Alpine is used to build official Docker container images and is used in the PostmarketOS project. Boot iso images (x86_64, x86, armhf, aarch64, armv7, ppc64le, s390x) prepared in six versions: standard (209 MB), network boot (229 MB), extended (975 MB), for virtual machines (61 MB) and for the hypervisor Xen (956 MB).

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  • Added initial support for 64-bit RISC-V architecture. Formed minirootfs image, 3 MB in size.
  • Packages with new versions of the graphical environments KDE 6, GNOME 46 and Sway 1.9 are offered.
  • Package versions have been updated, including releases of LLVM 18, Node.js 20.10, Python 3.12, Ruby 3.3, Rust 1.78, Crystal 1.12, Go 1.22, .NET 8.0, grub 2.12, nginx 1.26, Nim 2.0, OpenJDK 22, R 4.4.
  • Packages with the Redis DBMS have been replaced with the Valkey fork, due to the transfer of Redis to a proprietary license.

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