All talismans in Resident Evil 4 Remake with list and effects

Talismans are small lucky charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake, which you can attach to your briefcase and bring various bonuses with them. Here we show how you can get all 32 charms and a list of all charms with their effects.

Get all talismans

You can get talismans from the little toy machines that stand at the entrance to the various shooting galleries throughout the game. In Chapters 3, 9, 11, 14 and 15 you will pass a dealership next to which an elevator leads to the shooting range. After entering, there is a machine to your left from which you can draw talismans.

For this you have to insert three chips. There are silver and gold tokens that you earn by completing the shooting range challenges. Additionally you can later in the story exchange three spinels for one gold chip at the merchant.

You can get talismans from the machine next to the elevator at the shooting range (Source: Screenshot GIGA).
You can get talismans from the vending machine next to the elevator at the shooting range (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

You won’t be able to get all the talismans in one playthrough. You can then continue collecting them in New Game Plus and also complete the Shooting Challenges again to earn more chips.

To increase your chances of getting rare Talsimans, you can throw the tokens into the machine in different combinations. Logically, more golden tokens increase the chance of getting better talismans. The following combinations are possible:

  • Gold – Gold – Gold (highest chance)
  • Gold – Gold – Silber
  • Gold – silver – silver
  • Silver – silver – silver (lowest chance)

However, this does not automatically mean that you are guaranteed to get epic or legendary talismans if you throw in three golden chips, for example. Conversely, three silver chips can also give you rare talismans.

Tipp: Which talismans you get is not as random as one would think. Each playthrough has its own loot pool that doesn’t change from start to finish of the playthrough. For example, if you save and then only throw in three silver tokens at a time, you’ll always get the same order of charms if you do the same after reloading. This way you can save and load to find out which chip combinations will give you the best talismans in your particular playthrough.

Equip talismans

Talismans can be selected and equipped at any typewriter. Select the “Customize Suitcase” menu item on a typewriter to see a list of all your charms. Note that you can equip up to three charms at the same time. However, they must be different. You cannot equip three of the same charms to stack effects. So you can sell double talismans at the dealer with a clear conscience.

List and effects of all 32 talismans

In the following list you can see all 32 talismans sorted by rarity with their effects. By the way, the legendary Striker charm is a funny reference to the original game from 2005, in which a gluitch allowed you to run 8% faster with the Striker. Now you can get this effect quite legally in the remake with this talisman.


  • Mr Jose: 15% frequent crafting bonus on pistol ammo.
  • Soldier my Hammer: 20% frequent crafting bonus on pistol ammo.
  • Don Stephen: 15% frequent crafting bonus on shotgun ammo.
  • Cultist with shield: 20% frequent crafting bonus on shotgun ammo.
  • Don Manuel: 15% frequent crafting bonus on SMG ammo.
  • Cultist with Scythe: 20% frequent crafting bonus on SMG ammo.
  • Don Diego: 15% frequent crafting bonus on rifle ammo.
  • Dr Salvador: 20% frequent crafting bonus on rifle ammo.
  • Maria: 15% frequent crafting bonus on magnum ammo.
  • Bella sisters: 20% more frequent crafting bonus on magnum ammo.
  • Soldier with electric baton: 15% frequent bolt crafting bonus.
  • Soldier with dynamite: 30% frequent crafting bonus on mine attachments.
  • Crossbow Cultist: 20% frequent bolt crafting bonus.
  • Cultist Leader: Green Herb restores 10% more health.
  • Isabel: Vipers restore 30% more health.
  • Mr. Pedro: Vipers restore 40% more health.


  • Chicken: Eggs restore 100% more health.
  • Largemouth Bass: Largemouth Bass restore 100% more health.
  • NOT A WORD: Raw materials are 40% cheaper.
  • Ada Wong: The repair of the protective vest is 30% cheaper.
  • Leon with rocket launcher: The Rocket Launcher is 20% cheaper.
  • Leon with shotgun: The sale value of ammunition increases by 40%.
  • Leon with gun: Knife repairs are 30% cheaper.
  • Luis Sera: The sale value of weapons increases by 20%.


  • Dealer: Weapon modifications are 5% cheaper.
  • Ashley Graham: Green Herb restores 50% more health.
  • Illuminados Crest: Critical melee attacks are 20% more likely.
  • giant beetle: The sale value of healing objects increases by 100%.


  • Striker: Running speed increases by 8%.
  • Cute Bear: Gunpowder consumption during crafting decreases by -1.

Pre-Order DLC Charms

  • Green herb: Green Herb restores 15% more health.
  • Pistolenmunition: 30% frequent crafting bonus on pistol ammo.

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