AliExpress unexpectedly brought down the dollar. This hasn’t happened in a long time

One of the few online stores that allow you to buy a wide variety of goods with delivery from China is AliExpress. This service strives to do everything possible to ensure that as many people as possible purchase any goods with its help. However, in the spring of 2022, the company banned Russians from using the dollar, euro and other foreign currencies for payment, offering to pay exclusively in Russian rubles and nothing else. All this, of course, had an extremely negative impact on customers, because now you have to pay as much as the online store asks. He, in turn, very significantly and extremely overestimates the dollar, selling goods with a very large margin for the Russians.

The AliExpress marketplace sells buyers a really wide variety of different items, tens of millions to be exact. Anyone and everyone can buy these on favorable terms, because in the vast majority of cases, delivery will be completely free, that is, you won’t have to pay anything for it, and this, in turn, makes this whole offer incredibly attractive and extremely profitable. But since the spring of 2022, it has not become very profitable for Russian residents to buy anything through this service, because the online store inflates prices for all goods, doing this by overvaluing the dollar. He sets his own exchange rate for rubles to other currencies, and this is absolutely unprofitable.

The AliExpress online store does everything to earn as much as possible from each buyer. As a result, buyers have to overpay about 10 – 20%, since that is how much the dollar exchange rate in this service is higher than the official rate of the Bank of Russia. In such a state of affairs, of course, there is and cannot be absolutely nothing good, but this is precisely the most unpleasant harsh reality that every person can face at any time. That is why, given this state of affairs, it is extremely important to monitor the level at which the dollar exchange rate is at one time or another. And now, to the great surprise of everyone, for the Black Friday sale, the online store significantly reduced the rate, making all products much cheaper and more accessible to customers.

If until recently the cost of goods was calculated at a rate of around 68 rubles, now the price tags for such goods are calculated based on a rate of around 65 rubles. The depreciation of 3 rubles has become a real record since the beginning of November, because nothing like this has happened for a very long time. Obviously, in a similar way, by making the conditions for purchasing goods more attractive to Russians, the AliExpress online store decided to please customers. offering everyone and everyone during one of the largest sales of 2022 to buy some goods for themselves on more attractive and favorable terms. There is no other explanation for the collapse of the dollar, and there simply cannot be, because over the past few weeks the online store has been deliberately actively overestimating it in order to force Russians to overpay 10-15% of the cost of any purchased goods.

Earlier it was reported that goods on AliExpress rose in price by 50% or more per day.

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