Airship Syndicate announces major changes to “Wayfinder” game, sets new paid model and roadmap for 2022

Following the closure and layoffs of Digital Extremes' publishing division, which was decided in November last year, the online multiplayer action RPG “Wayfinder” was announced to be transferred to its developer, Airship Syndicate, but new sales are tentatively scheduled for the transfer. As we wait for the sequel to this game, which was canceled for a while, Airship Syndicate has updated its Steam page.updateThe specific efforts and details for the transfer have finally been revealed. It has been revealed that a soft launch will be held for existing players on May 31, 2024, and the Steam Early Access version will be released on June 11, 2024.

The transfer and relaunch of Wayfinder will remove online elements and microtransactions and restart the game as a paid single-player game, with several details being reported regarding this major change.


  • Removal of online elements: All online elements, including login and account authentication, have been abolished. However, peer-to-peer co-op, where up to three people can play cooperatively, will be available. Since this Co-op does not involve a server, progress is not inherited.
  • Abolition of microtransactions and charging: All conventional microtransactions for F2P will be abolished, and the game will be released as a paid title with no in-game purchase elements. The price during the early access period is $24.99, and there will be a price increase at the time of official release. Existing Founders content buyers will continue to have access to exclusive items included in each pack.
  • Gameplay changes: Changes have been made to all major systems of the game, improving performance and gameplay. All weapons will now be random drops with a wide variety of slots, and armor will also undergo changes including the addition of stats. Also, a large number of appearance items and housing items can be collected. Four new difficulty levels, a new Wayfinder “Grendel”, and new zones will also be added.
  • About re-release: Soft launch on May 31, 2024 for players who own the existing edition on Steam. The paid Steam Early Access version will go on sale on June 11th. Similar changes will be made to the PS5 version later this year, with the PS4 version ending support and offering a free upgrade to PS5. Early access for Steam is scheduled to end in the second half of 2024. The Xbox Series X|S version is also scheduled to be released during the early access period, and further information will be announced at a later date.
  • About initiatives after re-release: Airship Syndicate plans to continue supporting the new “Wayfinder” for years to come. There are also plans for additional characters and new content.

Roadmap for the new “Wayfinder”


Ewenor's world has collapsed. You must harness the power of the Wayfinder to control the chaos that overruns the world. Participate in the battle with two friends and increase your power. Manage your adventure with mutagens, customization elements that shape your exploration of an immersive world, and earn valuable equipment and loot!

chaos control

Descend to the gateway to adventure and customize every experience with the help of a mysterious device called the Gloom Dagger. Each adventure presents unique changes and challenges for you to master and control. Customize the areas you explore, the bosses you encounter, the materials you collect, and your wayfinder.

Be a wayfinder

Control and utilize the mighty power of Wayfinder! Use a variety of unique abilities to suit your preferred playstyle, from decaying arcane magic and techniques to powerful melee combat. Explore an immersive world with other Wayfinders and shape your adventure just the way you want. Optimize the way you play your Wayfinder by controlling what you explore and what you fight.

explore and collect

Wayfinder becomes stronger with his friends! Wayfinder supports co-op play for up to three players, so take on story missions, the latest boss hunts, and more with your friends. You can join your friends' adventures and fight Gloom together.

become stronger together

Wayfinders become even more powerful with friends. You can get various bonuses by building a community, such as making new friends at world events, forming parties for difficult missions, and applying the buff effects from your apartment to those around you.