AirJet is a cooling chip for laptops. To be used instead of fans.

The American startup company Frore Systems has presented a new innovative cooling system that may eventually replace fans in laptops entirely.

Frore has developed an active cooling chip called AirJet.The idea is that AirJet sucks in hot air from the computer’s processor and then cools it down through vibrating membranes that are inside the chip.AirJet has so far developed two variants of its chip, AirJet Mini and AirJet Pro.Should Frore Systems’ AirJet system make an impact on the market, we might be able to meet a future where powerful laptops completely lack fans, something that would make these much quieter than they can be today.

It has taken Frore Systems four years to develop its AirJet chips.The company already has a collaboration with Intel and some computer manufacturers who hope to use the AirJet chip in future computers.How much Frore’s AirJet chip will cost and when we can possibly see them in laptops, there is unfortunately no information yet.


If you want to know more about how the AirJet chip works, you can check out when Gordon Ung from PC World has a chat with Frore Systems founder and CEO Seshu Madhavapeddy in the video below.

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