“Against the Storm” Launches on December 8th with PC Game Pass Support

The new dark fantasy-themed roguelike city builder “Against the Storm” was launched on Steam Early Access in November last year, and was reported to have sold over 500,000 copies in June this year. Games and publisher Hooded Horse have issued a press release announcing the release date of retail version 1.0. It has been revealed that the game is scheduled to be released on December 8, 2023, along with the inclusion of PC Game Pass.

In addition, the 1.0 update of “Against the Storm” will include a new game mode “Queen’s Hand” that introduces a higher difficulty challenge. Along with the announcement, a new trailer with gameplay highlights has also been released.


The highly popular city builder “Against the Storm” will be fully released in December this year and will also be available on PC Game Pass!

Top-selling roguelite city builder comes to PC Game Pass as it exits early access

November 20, 2023 – Hooded Horse and Eremite Games announce that the popular dark fantasy roguelite city builder Against the Storm will be released from early access after 13 months on December 8, 2023. We are pleased to announce that the full release will be on. This work will also be available on PC Game Pass!

During the early access period, “Against the Storm” underwent content updates once every two weeks, and various changes, large and small, were made. Two new races have been added, including the popular “Fox”, as well as a new “Ancient Seal” mechanic that brings major changes to the endgame. Additionally, the Strategy Layer and Brightstorm have been reworked, and many other vacant land events and buildings have been added.

These updates will continue to be delivered at a similar pace until full release. The 1.0 update also includes a new game mode called “Queen’s Hand” created for experienced Governors. In this mode, the player must re-enhance the Adamant Seal before her one cycle ends. This is the most difficult challenge in this game.

Players start the game from scratch and must strategically choose upgrades. Upgrades aren’t cheap, and it’s impossible to have them all in this game mode. Also, this game mode is permadeath. If the player abandons the settlement or fails to reforge the seal in time, all unlocks and meta progression elements will be reset. Players who manage to win will be awarded the title of Queen’s Hand and have the rare opportunity to have an audience with the Scorch Queen herself.

Additionally, Hooded Horse is pleased to announce that we are expanding our partnership with Xbox, and that with the full release of Against the Sorm, the game will also be available on the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass.

“Agains the Storm” is available in Japanese.

“Against the Storm” is available in early access for PC on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store. Price: $29.99 / £24.99 / €29.99 / ¥3,980. Currently, the number of reviews on Steam has reached 14,000, with over 95% of reviews being “overwhelmingly positive”.

Information source and image: Press release