After 10 months in the water, an iPhone made functional to its owner


In England, a canoe-kayak enthusiast found an iPhone during a river trip. Having remained submerged for 10 months, the mobile, once dried, was nevertheless able to be returned to its owner in perfect working order.

The River Wye in Gloucestershire, where an iPhone survived after 10 months of submersion

© Getty Images

Some drop their phones 20 cm high and have only their eyes to cry at the broken screen. Others lose their mobile in a river, and find it fully functional many months later. This is what happened to a certain Owain Davies who, during a family canoe trip in the county of Gloucestershire, England, dropped his iPhone in the River Wye.

Ten months later, in June 2022, and while Owain Davies had probably put his phone to rest, another water walker saw an object shining under the surface. Having reassembled it, he realized that it was an iPhone stained with slime. And despite the slim hope of being able to make it work, Miguel Pacheco got it into his head to try. “I know if I lost my phone, I have a lot of pictures of my kids, I know I would want them back”, he explained to the media. He took the mobile home and left it to dry overnight. Plugging it into a charger the next morning, the device miraculously came back to life.

The iPhone then turned on the screen saver, showing the photo of a couple, and the date of August 13 (2021) corresponding to the day of the loss of the phone by Owain Davies. Miguel Pacheco then posted the photo on a Facebook group, and the magic of social media worked. Shared thousands of times, the publication ended up catching the eye of an acquaintance of the couple who was able to contact the legitimate owner of the smartphone.

Owain Davies has now found his iPhone, which survived 10 months of immersion. Much more than the 30 minutes announced by the manufacturer, therefore. “My natural reaction would have been to hand it over to the nearest pub, not use my air compressor to dry it out and take it apart”amused the father of the family.

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