AFK Journey: Ultimate Guide to Unlocking Gold & Diamonds with All Codes

With our codes for AFK Journey you can start your role-playing journey with lots of gold and diamonds. Or you can regularly pick up items thanks to our current list of promotional codes, which you can simply enter in the game.

Current list of all promo codes (April 2024)

2nd of Aprilafkjourneyspecialedd: 100 diamonds, 18k goldApril 1stafkjourneyrug: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneypg0: 100 diamonds, 18k goldMarch 31afkjourneylgio: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneyjianhao: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneyjoshdub: 100 diamonds, 18k goldafkjourneyviva: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneytgt: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneyvg: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneynogla: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneycmk: 100 diamonds, 18k goldMarch 30afkjourneycarbot: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneymsa: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneyde: 100 diamonds, 18k goldafkjourneysqueezie: 200 diamonds, 20k goldMarch 29thafkjourney88: 200 diamonds, 20k goldafkjourneyzanny: 100 diamonds, 18k gold28th Marchafkjourneytt: 88 diamonds, 16k gold27th of Marchafkjourneypax: 400 diamonds, 40k goldafkjourneyart: 327 diamonds, 16k goldafkjourneycreator: 200 diamonds, 18k goldafkjn2024: 188 diamonds, 18k gold


Redeem codes

To redeem the promotional codes in AFK Journey, do the following:

In the game, click on yours at the top left Character portrait.Now click on that on the right edge of the screen gearto open the settings. Switch to the tab here “Miscellaneous” far right.Click on the “Promotion code” button.Enter one of the promo codes from the list above and confirms your input.

Your gold and diamonds will be credited directly to your account. Each code can only be redeemed once per account. If you try anyway, you will see a message saying that the code has already been redeemed.