Adobe to Release New Version of Premiere Pro with “One-Click Video and Movie Replacement” Feature

Now, for editors, the ratio of repetitive work to creative work is at least 50-50. Adobe's upcoming new version of Pro integrates a variety of AI tools to directly eliminate all repetitive work and return video production to creativity.

AI has entered our work, life and study. Many designers and film and television workers regard AI as an important auxiliary tool. Recently, Adobe announced that it will integrate several major AI tools (including Pika, Runway, Adobe's Firefly, and OpenAI's Sora) into their video editing software Adobe PR within the year.


It can be said that Pr is about to become the first editing software to integrate all the well-known video AI tools on the market. It is jokingly called the “Pr Family Bucket” on the Internet.

Although “integration” sounds ordinary, it is just connecting several AI tools to Pr, but it is this kind of connection that may bring revolutionary changes to the video industry.

1. Eliminate duplication of work

For current video AI tools, whether it is Adobe Firefly, Pika, or Runway, users must visit their respective official websites to use them, and in actual work it takes a considerable amount of time to achieve joint use.

For simple tasks like modifying video footage, for example, if we need to change the footage of a person holding a Sprite in a video clip to one holding a Coca-Cola, we first need to open the official websites of Firefly, Pika, Sora, and Runway, and upload the video clip that needs to be modified to each tool – because it is not clear which AI tool makes the modification that better meets our needs. In the second step, we need to enter the modification requirements in the command area, copy it to each AI tool, and wait for them to generate their own works. If the work is not satisfactory, we have to modify the instructions on the corresponding platform, regenerate it, and then download the work. In the third step, we need to import the downloaded video works into the video editing software one by one to see which one best meets our requirements.


Next, comes the most troublesome part: if the generated effect is not good enough, you have to repeat the above process several times. 90% of the time in video production is spent on downloading, uploading, importing, and exporting.

In the “Pr Family Bucket”, the four major video AI tools are equipped with interfaces. Opening Pr is equivalent to using 5 software at the same time, and how to use them together is entirely determined by AI. By integrating all these AI tools into one video editing software, those repetitive operations can be completely avoided. With the “Pr Family Bucket”, we only need to let the AI ​​tool recognize the Sprite on the editing timeline, and then enter the command, and the AI ​​tool can replace the Sprite with Coca-Cola. In addition, the works generated by the AI ​​tool will also appear directly on the editing timeline, and we can modify and regenerate them in real time, which greatly improves work efficiency.

As mentioned earlier, to a large extent, video production today is filled with too much repetitive work, and creativity is ignored. Even in the film industry, which has been developed for more than 200 years, it may be difficult for the audience to imagine that for film editors, at least half of their working time is spent on repetitive work.

Let's take a simple example. A film editor needs to “remove” a certain character from a movie. The current solution is to cut out all the shots that can be cut out, and mosaics can be added to the parts that cannot be cut out (such as when this character appears with other characters), but mosaics will seriously affect the beauty of the picture. Another solution is to “dig out” this character from the picture and fill it with materials that match the nearby scenes. In this way, although it looks like there is no trace of repair, it will take a team of more than a dozen people to repair it day and night for at least a month.

But now, in the “Pr Family Bucket”, Firefly's functions have been extended to videos. Firefly is an AI tool developed by Adobe, which is good at intelligently filling or deleting elements in the picture, and can recognize and calculate the color tone, light and shadow, motion trajectory, object edges and other elements of the picture.

Simply circle the person you want to remove, and Firefly will automatically identify his movements and changes, thereby intelligently filling the picture and completing seamless repair with one click.

In addition, these repairs are undoable – which is even more exciting for editors. In current editing work, if you want to undo the repair and restore the previous picture, it is difficult to do so because the current editing software can only “undo” a limited number of operations. Once the repair work has been carried out to the later stage, it is equivalent to remaking the video again if you want to restore it. Firefly's smart repair can be undone at any time without damaging the original material.

2. Let video production return to creativity

The basis of video production is the material. During the shooting process, “accidents” are inevitable, such as missing shots, bloopers, etc.

When there is no “Pr family bucket”, encountering such a situation requires reshooting and re-shooting, but the cost is very high, and for various reasons, the reshooting work may not be carried out at all. In the demonstration video released by Adobe, AI tools such as Pika, Sora, and Runway can generate videos out of thin air based on instructions or reference pictures, and also consider shooting elements such as mirror movement, zoom, and movement of the subject in the picture. In this way, when we find that we missed a shot of “the protagonist chasing the car and the camera following”, we only need to enter the instructions describing the car chase scene in Pr, and there is no need to reshoot at all.

It can be said that “remediation” has become a part of creation.

In fact, if videos can be generated directly, many real-life shots can also be cancelled. This not only saves manpower, material resources, and financial resources, shortens the production cycle, but also allows the production team to use more “intelligence” in creation. If we want to shoot the protagonist riding a bike in the Antelope Canyon in the United States, the current practice is that the entire production team takes a plane to the United States, then goes to the Antelope Canyon, and coordinates the shooting time, finds a suitable camera position, and shoots multiple times to ensure that there are usable pictures. This requires a lot of investment. If AI is allowed to generate videos directly with the help of reference pictures, let alone the Antelope Canyon, it can be easily achieved for the protagonist to travel between famous places around the world. Moreover, the video produced in this way is much more realistic than the commonly used “green screen cutout”.

For the video production team, the “Pr Family Bucket” allows them to no longer worry too much about investment issues. Video production has returned to the creation itself rather than a competition of financial resources.

The integration of AI tools has brought the video industry back to its artistic essence. For video creators, these new attempts by Adobe PR are just the beginning: in the future, more editing software will be connected to more powerful AI functions. The word “editing” may disappear, and it will be replaced by “creation”.

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