Acer releases ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition, using naked-eye 3D display to help designers create creations

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In the past few years, naked-eye 3D technology is still very popular. It has applications on monitors, mobile phones and Nintendo 3DS handhelds. However, the actual effect of playing games and watching movies is not very ideal. However, in terms of content creation, especially in production In terms of 3D model design, 3D display can actually improve work efficiency. Acer is thinking the same way now. They added a naked-eye 3D display to the newly released ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition designer notebook.

As early as May of this year, Acer announced their technology developed by SpatialLabs, an internal cutting-edge group, as a naked-eye 3D solution, which means that there is no need to wear specific 3D glasses, and the original flat content is formed into two approximate 2D Photos make users look like 3D presentations. Acer calls it Stereoscopic 3D technology. Currently, it provides a Model Viewer 3D model viewing software, and a SpatialLabs Player to play videos, as well as compatible mainstream creative applications. You can use SpatialLabs Go to be compatible with Blender and PiStage to display Autodesk Maya 3D projects. In addition, for developers, Acer also provides an XR Runtime for the naked eye 3D display development of Unreal Engine.

In terms of hardware, ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition uses a 15.6-inch special glasses-free 3D display with a default resolution of 4K, which will change to 1920*2160 in 3D display. In addition, to help users get the best display effect, Equipped with a spatial camera system with two sensors that can track human eyes and head, this sounds a bit similar to the functions on Nintendo’s new 3DS. As for other aspects, it is a high-end ConceptD 7, including Intel Core i7-11800H, up to 32GB of memory, and reserved memory to expand to 64GB, GPU for NVIDIA RTX 3080, and 2TB SSD and so on.

Such a top creative notebook is of course expensive. It will be sold for 3599 Euros (about 26826 yuan) in Europe and will be available in December. Our National Bank has not announced the price and listing of ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition. Condition.

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