a very rare pokemon back, hurry

This is your last chance to catch this ultra rare and powerful pokemon in Scarlet and Purple. Don’t skip it, you might regret it.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a habit of enriching its content in a very specific way. In September, it did so quite directly by deploying the first part of its expansion called The Buried Treasure of Zone Zero. But what about those who don’t have the DLC? The latter will be able to fall back on a new pokemon which is officially back in the adventure. This is your last chance to collect it, so don’t miss this opportunity.


One last chance to capture this rare pokemon

When we reach the end of Scarlet or Violet, what exactly is left to do? Game Freak has thought of everything by including Teracristal raids. These rather difficult battles have the particularity of being fought alongside other players or the AI. The principle is simple, several people enter a duel against a more or less powerful pokemon, and once defeated, it drops tempting rewards. A new raid is available now, but we advise you not to hang around, because it will only be there for a few days.

Indeed, the 7-star rank raid against the Hisui form of Clamiral is back. He promises to be tough, especially since he will have to face his Water type here. All you have to do is establish your best strategy to overcome it, but don’t take your time. For good reason, it is possible to fight it until December 3, 2023, but after this date, it will disappear for good. Also note that this pokemon can only be caught once per game. It is therefore considered to be very rare, hence the importance of hurrying.

The second part of the DLC is finally here

This Clamiral will clearly be a nice addition to your collection. Particularly if you plan to get involved with the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet expansion. “The Indigo Disc” was kept quiet for a long time, but it finally revealed its release date about a month ago. Volume 2 will arrive on December 14, 2023, which was in Nintendo’s plans. We also notice that it falls right during the Christmas holiday period, and that should encourage more people to take the plunge and put the game under the tree.

As for the content, he still hasn’t let himself be approached in any way. In fact, we don’t even have a trailer to get our teeth into. We’re approaching the deadline, and Big N may just release a launch trailer. The firm seems to want to keep the surprise until the end, which is sure to frustrate some. To overcome the wait, it is still possible to tackle the challenges present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.