A sports bike for 1000 euros, it’s all true: Chinese electric could be a “problem”

Motorcycling is one of the most advanced and economically attractive sectors in the world. Usually the bikes are not really given away, but in this case you will be stunned to say the least.

The electric has now been part of the automotive and motorcycle market for a good number of years. Almost all the companies of the two most important motorsport sectors have built at least one model, and it is probable that the more time passes, the greater the production will be. Some really cost a lot of money, while others can be purchased at bargain prices to say the least.

Wuzi Ouke (wxouke.en.alibaba.com)

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In China, a company offers several units; it is a manufacturer, the Wuxi Ouke, which every year builds various motorcycles and scooters. With ten years of experience behind him, this time he raised the bar and tried to “give” to eligible buyers a product that reached a value, estimated in quality / price, more unique than rare.

Who said electric costs too much? In China, motorcycles “give them away”

Who said that buying a motorcycle costs so much? In China they categorically deny us, with prices that are nothing short of bargain. Of course, the vehicles in question, produced by Wuxi Ouke, are electric and the most nostalgic will never give the sensations of an “old-fashioned” motorcycle, but between the proposed offer and features, it is difficult to remain impassive.

In fact, its price does not even reach 800 dollars (708 euros) and can be purchased on the official website of Alibaba. Its maximum speed is 140 kilometers per hour thanks to an engine capable of delivering up to 72 hp. The vehicle is customizable in the colors and does not weigh more than 300 kilograms. It is also very technological, having a latest generation LED display.

Wuzi Ouke
Wuzi Ouke (wxouke.en.alibaba.com)

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Charging times vary from 4 to 6 hours. This is not a very high-performance vehicle, even if described as a racing motorcycle; but mind you, for less than 1000 euros, it’s almost a gift.

Be careful, however, because not everything that glitters is gold; as you may have noticed in the photos, it is a Suzuki and one Bmw that they should have nothing to do with the Chinese brand.

It is therefore, against all odds, of counterfeiting. That is, the imitation of a product replicated without any authorization from the original production which, precisely, allows those who do so to obtain economic advantages by marketing the product at a reduced price and with lower materials than the original. Cost down, of course, but with a qualitative (and ethical) value halved …

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