A six-story sewage fountain scored in St. Petersburg and got on video: Society: Russia: Lenta.ru

In St. Petersburg, at the intersection of streets, a six-story high sewage fountain was hammered

A fountain of sewage scored at the intersection of Planernaya and Savushkina streets in St. Petersburg and was caught on video. This is reported in Telegram– RTVI channel.

The footage shows how a column of water breaks out of the ground and reaches the height of a six-story building.

It is reported that the cause of the accident in the sewer was a large amount of precipitation. Special services are working to eliminate the consequences of the accident.

Earlier, a powerful hurricane that hit the city of Yeysk on the coast of the Sea of ​​u200bu200bAzov was captured on video. The footage shows how a powerful hurricane uproots trees that fall on the roadway. It is noted that because of the risen dust, visibility on the roads has deteriorated sharply. It is clarified that there were no data on the victims of bad weather, city services are eliminating the consequences of the hurricane.

At the end of July, the strongest tropical downpour with a thunderstorm hit Moscow.

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