A sign of life from Silksong & characters who don't talk

Nintendo has had a really quiet year so far. So quiet that there are hardly any new topics to discuss! So presenter Annika once again borrowed Daniel and chatted with him about what they were currently playing. It's also about the fact that there is finally a sign of life from Hollow Knight: Silksong – with a lot of luck, even a promising one! We also address the topic one column that our colleague Michi recently did: Can you identify better with playable characters if they (don't) talk themselves?


Dragon's Dogma 2: Your vote counts!

All topics of the 239th episode – Timecodes

02:04 – We're playing that ourselves right now

09:08 – Hollow Knight and a ray of hope for Silksong


22:32 – Can we identify with the protagonists of games?

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