A Russian who was released from a colony lured a boy to a hostel and raped Russian news EN

In St. Petersburg, a man lured a 15-year-old teenager to a hostel and raped him

In St. Petersburg, a man lured a 15-year-old teenager to a hostel on Vasilyevsky Island and raped him. This is reported “TVNZ”.

According to the publication, the boy’s mother contacted the police. As a result, law enforcement officers detained a suspect in molestation of a minor. It turned out to be a 36-year-old man, recently released from the colony. Previously, he was tried for theft.

It is clarified that a criminal case has been initiated under Part 3 of Article 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. If the suspect’s guilt is proven, he faces eight to fifteen years in prison.

Earlier in Moscow, two cafe employees raped a 22-year-old colleague on her first day at work. It is noted that the 27-year-old and 25-year-old men invited the new employee to walk around the city and drink alcohol. Some time later, she was taken to a hotel. When the Russian woman woke up in the morning, she realized that she had been abused.

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