A quick look at the features of Apple macOS 15 Sequoia: iPhone screen mirroring and AI-created website summaries

Gamingdeputy June 11 news, Apple brought the macOS 15 operating system to the WWDC24 developer conference in the early morning of today, adding a number of detailed features and adding support for iPhone Mirror connection, independent password application, etc.

Gamingdeputy summarizes the system function upgrades of macOS 15 Sequoia as follows:


iPhone Mirroring

  • support Users can view and control iPhone directly on Mac.

  • Support iPhone notifications to be displayed on Mac.

  • Supports automatic resizing of app windows to tile them and fill the screen, making full use of the largest screen space.


  • Added Highlightsmaking it easier for users to find web information, such as directions, summaries, or quick links with detailed information about people, music, movies, and TV shows.

  • It supports detecting page videos, and the video is automatically placed in the center of the screen, while providing users with playback control functions.

  • Optimize the reader to make the article browsing page simpler; support providing summaries and generating directories for long articles.



  • The following series of games will be launched on Mac:

Game List
Dead Island 2Riven
Sniper Elite 4Prince of Persia
The Roaring TideValheim
Assassin's Creed: Shadow“World of Warcraft”
Control: Definitive EditionFrostpunk 2
“Phantom Beast Palu”Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 7: BiohazardRobocop: Rampant City
  • Supports personalized spatial audio for AirPods Pro (second generation), with reduced audio latency and improved response speed.

  • Support game mode, control background application running, and improve game frame rate.

  • Supports Game Porting Toolkit 2, allowing developers to migrate games to Apple more quickly. Supports migration to Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Quick Tiled Window

  • Supports a new way to layout windows.

  • When you drag a window to the edge of the screen, it will automatically suggest a parallel display position on the screen.

  • Supports placing windows at appropriate locations and quickly juxtaposing windows.

  • The window can be placed in the corner of the screen so that more apps can be seen at a glance.

  • Support for new keyboard shortcuts and menu bar shortcuts.


  • The new presenter preview feature allows users to see the image that will be displayed to others, which is applicable to FaceTime calls.

  • Supports users to set built-in backgrounds, including gradient color images, system wallpapers or photos uploaded by themselves.

  • Supports background replacement function, suitable for Facetime calls or video calls of third-party apps such as Webex.

Passwords App

  • Support users to manage Wi-Fi passwords, application and website passwords, verification codes, etc.

  • iCloud sync is supported, and macOS uses AutoFill to populate passwords in the Passwords app.

Apple Intelligence

  • A new system tool, Writing Tools, is added to support users in rewriting, proofreading and summarizing texts.

Image Playground

  • It supports the creation of interesting images and provides a separate App with three style options: animation, illustration and sketch, which can be used in applications such as messaging.


  • A new Clean Up tool has been added to identify and remove irrelevant objects in the background of a photo without arbitrarily changing the subject.

  • It supports the recall function, and users only need to enter a description text to quickly create the story they want to see.

  • Supports the appearance of Collections on the interface, automatically organizing the user's gallery with practical themes.

  • Optimize the search function to support quick acquisition of search results.

  • Siri

  • The new Writing Tools system-wide tool integrates ChatGPT functions and supports users to directly use ChatGPT's special functions, including image and document understanding capabilities.

  • Supports natural responses, making replies more relevant and personal.

  • Supports users to communicate with Siri via text and switch between text and voice.


  • Supports new text effects, emojis and stickers for replying, as well as the function of sending text messages later.


  • Supports selected hiking routes and custom walking routes.


  • Supports audio transcription and summarization functions for automatic note-taking.

  • Support entering equations in the note body to get calculation results.

  • Optimize the note function and support note beautification.


  • Supports displaying calculation history. When you enter a previous calculation result, you can see its calculation expression.


  • Supports displaying schedules and tasks in the Reminders App, and allows you to view, edit, and mark completed tasks for the day.

  • Optimized the month view to support preview of all schedules and reminders for the whole month.

macOS 15 Sequoia continues to support some Mac models equipped with Intel processors, but unfortunately, the 2018 MacBook Air will no longer be supported.

All Mac models using Apple's self-developed chips from the M1 chip and later can install macOS 15 Sequoia. Specific supported models include:

  • MacBook Pro from 2018 and later

  • MacBook Air released in 2020 and later

  • iMacs released in 2019 and later

  • Mac mini released in 2018 and later

  • Mac Studio coming in 2022

  • Mac Pro released in 2019 and later

Gamingdeputy Note: Apple's macOS 15 Sequoia system is currently in the development beta version and has many bugs. It is recommended that friends do not try it with their main machine. At best, it will waste installation time, and at worst, it will lose related data.

Apple WWDC24 Developer Conference Keynote Speech

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